Welcome to white space. You’ve been here for as long as you can remember.

It's been a while since I last wrote in my journal, but today feels like the right day to put my thoughts down on paper again. Life has been strange lately, and everything seems so different now. White space used to be a place of solace and comfort for me, but it feels empty and cold these days.


Ever since Mari left us, things have not been the same. The silence is deafening without her laughter filling the air or her gentle voice calming our fears. She was always there for us, guiding us through life with grace and kindness.

Hates Basil

I never thought I could harbor such intense hatred towards someone until Basil came into our lives. He was supposed to be a friend—a companion we could rely on when times were tough—but he betrayed that trust in the worst way possible.

Basil knew what happened that fateful day when Mari fell down those stairs—I mean when Sunny pushed her—and yet he covered it up by making it look like she took her own life... hanging herself from that tree branch near his house...


Sometimes I find myself humming this tuneless melody over and over again in an attempt to drown out all the painful memories that haunt me every waking moment of my existence.

Mari's death weighs heavily upon my shoulders; guilt gnaws at me relentlessly because deep down inside, I know Sunny is responsible... or maybe Omori is? It's hard separating reality from fantasy sometimes—especially when your world collapses around you.

But let’s focus on something else before these thoughts consume me entirely:


Aubrey: She may come across as brash and aggressive at first glance, but beneath that tough exterior lies a heart full of loyalty and love for those who are fortunate enough to earn her trust. Aubrey has always been there for me, ready to defend and protect in times of need.

Hero: The gentle giant with a heart of gold. He's the calm amidst the storm, always offering kind words and sage advice when things get tough. Hero is like a big brother to all of us—someone we can rely on no matter what.

Kel: Ah, Kel... he may be mischievous and reckless at times, but his infectious laughter brings light into our lives even during the darkest moments. Kel reminds us that it's okay to smile even when everything feels like it's falling apart around us.


There’s something else I want to talk about today—a fear that grips my heart whenever I close my eyes or find myself alone in this vast emptiness called white space:

What if Sunny is capable of doing horrible things? What if Mari wasn't an accident? It scares me how easily memories can be twisted or forgotten entirely; after all, who knows what lurks inside the depths of one's mind?


Basil used to be our friend—an integral part of our group—but now he’s just another reminder of pain and betrayal. We were inseparable once upon a time—Sunny, Basil, Mari... friends forever—or so we thought...

But then everything changed...

Sunny pushed Mari down those stairs—I mean Omori. Yes... Omori did it… right?

And Basil covered up the truth by hanging her from that tree branch near his house—the same place where she had spent countless hours laughing with him before everything fell apart.

I hate him! But deep down inside... there’s still some part within me that longs for those carefree days—to laugh together under sunny skies without any worries weighing heavy on our hearts.


In this desolate void called white space where time seems meaningless and reality fades away, I find solace in the presence of Mewo—the only companion who understands my pain without judgment or words. She's always there for me, offering comfort and silent companionship.

Mewo may be just a cat—just another figment of this twisted reality—but she brings a small glimmer of hope to an otherwise bleak existence.

Head Space

When white space becomes too suffocating and memories threaten to consume me entirely, I retreat into headspace—a world filled with vibrant colors and fantastical creatures. Here, everything is different; here, I can escape from the weight of my guilt... even if it's just for a little while.

But no matter how hard I try to forget or bury these painful memories deep within the recesses of my mind—they resurface time after time... reminding me that running away will never truly solve anything.

Aubrey, Hero, Kel

Aubrey... Hero... Kel...

You are the only friends I have left—the ones who haven't abandoned Sunny when he needed you most. Thank you for standing by his side through thick and thin—for being there when Mari was taken away from us so cruelly.

I don't know where our journey will take us next—I don't even know what lies beyond white space—but as long as we stick together...

Maybe one day we'll find peace amidst all this chaos—maybe one day we'll learn how to forgive ourselves for past mistakes—and maybe one day we'll heal from these wounds that run so deep within our souls.

Until then...

We shall continue wandering through life hand-in-hand—with hearts full of love and friendship—as Omori navigates this treacherous path towards redemption...

End Entry