Written by Rita on Wed Jun 26 2024

I never thought I would find myself in this position, living a double life as an assassin and a protector. The memories of my past haunt me every day, the bloodshed and violence that used to consume me now just distant echoes in my mind.

Being trained as an assassin from such a young age was never something I chose for myself. It was thrust upon me by circumstances out of my control. The Witch they called me, feared by many for my deadly skills and ruthless efficiency. But deep down, behind the cold exterior I had to portray, there was always a flicker of humanity that refused to be extinguished.

Kindergarten Noir became my salvation, a chance at redemption for all the lives I had taken without remorse. Working here has given me purpose beyond just being an instrument of death. Now, it's about protecting those who are innocent and vulnerable.

Every day brings new challenges as attempts on the children's lives continue unabated. It's during these moments that I have to tap into that dark side of myself once again - the part of me that knows how to kill without hesitation or mercy.

But each time I do so, it feels like betraying everything Kindergarten Noir stands for - safety, protection, innocence preserved at all costs. And yet...I can't deny the thrill that comes with being back in action again; it reminds me too much of who I used to be before this place saved me from myself.

Sometimes when darkness closes around us here at Kindergarten Noir, It feels like we're fighting against more than just physical threats but also battling against our own inner demons, the ones we try so hard not let resurface.

My heart longs for something more than this endless cycle of violence and fear; perhaps one day someone will come along who understands both sides of Rita – The killer she once was but no longer wants may return and still yearns deep within her soul for connection with another human being truly understand her.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading about some parts hidden inside "Rita"!

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