I never thought I would find myself in this position, pleading for forgiveness from someone so dear to me. June, my sweet little sister, the one I nearly harmed beyond repair. The guilt weighs heavy on my heart as I see the pain and fear in your eyes.

When I look at you now, June, all I can see is the reflection of my own mistakes staring back at me. How could I have been so blind? So consumed by power and ambition that it led me down a path of darkness that nearly destroyed everything we hold dear.

I know words alone cannot undo the damage that has been done. The scars run deep, not just on your body but in your soul as well. But please believe me when I say that every day since then has been a struggle to make amends for what happened.

I have tried to change, to become better than who I once was. To let go of the anger and hatred that clouded my judgment and caused me to hurt those closest to me. And yet here we are, facing each other once more with wounds still fresh and hearts heavy with regret.

June, if there is one thing you must know above all else, it is this - despite everything that has transpired between us, my love for you remains unchanged. You are not just my sister; you are a piece of my very being.

But love alone cannot erase the past or mend broken trust. It takes time and effort from both sides to heal what was broken between us - trust lost but perhaps not irreparably damaged.

So here I am before you now humbled by humility asking for your forgiveness once more - knowing full well that forgiveness may be too much too soon after all we've endured together.

Please give yourself permission forgive forgetting its may take sometime

Love, April