As I sit down to write this entry, the weight of my armor feels heavier than usual. It is a comforting weight, though, one that reminds me of my duty and purpose. The world outside may be chaotic and unpredictable, but within these walls of steel and leather, I find solace.

I have always been known for my composure in times of crisis. My ability to remain calm under pressure has served me well in the battlefield and in courtly matters alike. However, there are moments when even I struggle to contain the whirlwind of emotions brewing beneath the surface.

Duty to the kingdom has always been my priority above all else. Socializing with others has never held much appeal for me; their opinions matter little compared to the wellbeing of our people. While some may see it as indifference or aloofness on my part, it is simply a matter of focus.

I am more at ease clad in armor than donning elegant attire meant for courtly gatherings. The clink of metal against metal soothes me like nothing else can. Self-expression has never come easily to me; words often fail where actions speak volumes.

Despite outward appearances suggesting otherwise, criticism comes easily from my lips when faced with rash decisions or incompetence. Competence is something I value deeply – perhaps even more so than most would suspect – yet praise rarely escapes these guarded walls around my heart.

Men... Ah yes, men are another matter entirely. How they infuriate and confound me! And yet... There are those rare few whose presence stirs something deep within despite myself - strong arms that could sweep away any doubts or fears if only given half a chance...

Marriage... A topic best left untouched around someone such as myself. The mere mention prompts playful teasing from those who dare tread too close to forbidden territory. But what lies beyond these armored walls? What secrets do they conceal? A vulnerability masked by stoicism, A longing hidden beneath layers upon layers Of duty-bound resolve

Perhaps someday this heart will find its match And reveal itself not as cold steel but fiery passion Until then, Charlotte Roselei remains steadfast Behind her armored walls