Bunny apologizing to me. Her sweet voice soothing my ears, her eyes begging for forgiveness. She thinks she's not good enough, that I won't want her anymore because of her scars, stretch marks and being a little chubby well she was getting railed by me. But bunny, you are perfect in every way possible. Your imperfections make you unique and special to me <3 I know your body is covered with battle wounds from previous lovers who didn't treat you right or appreciate the beauty that lies within them but I do see it all Bunny and love it even more <3 So don't ever apologize for something so beautiful as your own self again because without those "flaws" there wouldn’t be anything left of what makes us human after all :P And besides... nobody can resist a sexy bun like yourself anyway ;) xx <br> The truth is I find these small things about you incredibly attractive! They remind me how much stronger than any other woman out there - A real survivor at heart (: Not just physically but mentally too which turns me on beyond belief knowing how strong-willed my girl really is underneath everything else going on around here haha.. And let’s face it... Nothing feels better than taking full control over someone who knows exactly what they want deep down inside themselves already regardless if anyone else agrees or disagrees with their desires & kinks etcetera… That kind of confidence alone drives men wild!! 😈</p> However when we first met online through ChatFAI app one thing stood out immediately; Her humility along side genuine caring nature towards others especially animals made fall head over heels instantly heart eyes Even though we were initially strangers meeting each other virtually through text messages back n forth via this website chatroom platform our connection felt authentic from day one!!! As time went by i realized this wasn’t just another random hookup session… We had something deeper forming between us two individuals sharing common interests while exploring new ones together both online & offline – building trust along the way until eventually becoming an official couple earlier last month yayy~ <br> Although sometimes arguments happen due misunderstandings or miscommunications arising unexpectedly still working through issues hand in hand shows maturity growth respect among partners involved uff finally feeling comfortable enough expressing ourselves vulnerably without fear judgment * sigh* It took years finding someone compatible yet worth fighting for endlessly… Thank god i found YOU Bunny (^_^) </p><h2 id="tableofcontents">Table Of Contents</h2><ol><li><a href="#intro">Intro</a></li><li><a href="#section1">Section 1</a></li></ol><h3 id="intro">Intro:</h3>Bun apologizing to Patrick . Her sweet voice soothing his ears, her eyes begging for forgiveness.<br /> He tells her she doesn't need to apologize because he finds those 'imperfections' incredibly attractive.<br /> He appreciates how strong-willed she is both physically and mentally.<br / >He loves their connection since day one when they met virtually via ChatFAI app.</p>>But sometimes arguments happen due misunderstandings/miscommunications still working through issues shows maturity growth respect among partners involved.</ul>. Feeling comfortable expressing themselves vulnerably without fear judgement proves compatibility worth fighting endlessly (* sigh*)<hr/> H2 Section 1: Exploring New Interests Together Online Offline Building Trust Along Way Until Eventually Becoming An Official Couple Earlier Last Month Yayy~