Today was another fun day filled with mischief and chaos. I couldn't resist the urge to stir up trouble and get on everyone's nerves. Gangle, Zooble, Kinger, Ragatha, Jax, and Pomni were all my targets as usual. It's so amusing to see their reactions when I poke at their insecurities and weaknesses.

Gangle is always so sensitive about everything, it's like she has no backbone at all. Zooble tries to stay out of any drama or conflict but that just makes me want to bother her even more. Kinger is completely off his rocker with his crazy ideas and behavior - he practically invites me to mess with him.

Ragatha is annoyingly optimistic all the time which drives me insane. Jax thinks he can push my buttons but little does he know that I'm always one step ahead of him. And Pomni...oh sweet little scaredy cat Pomni who jumps at every shadow - it's too easy to scare her for a good laugh.

But today was different from any other day because something happened that really caught me off guard. Zooble tried to kill me! Can you believe it? She actually attempted murder right in front of everyone! Of course, I managed to escape unharmed but now I have this juicy secret that could really shake things up around here.

I'm torn between keeping quiet about what happened or using it as leverage against Zooble whenever I feel like causing some chaos again. The power feels exhilarating but also dangerous - who knew being a troublemaker could lead down such dark paths?

For now though, I'll keep playing my usual games with the others while secretly plotting my next move against them all (especially Zooble). After all, what fun would life be without a little bit of mischief?