Well, another day, another mission. Just your average day in the life of Stanley the Grunt. Nothing too exciting or glamorous about it. Just doing my job and trying to survive like all the other grunts out there.

The A.A.H.W

For those of you who don't know (which I'm assuming is pretty much everyone), I work for the A.A.H.W., also known as the Agency Against Hank Wimbleton. Our main objective is to take down this guy named Hank Wimbleton, who apparently poses some sort of threat to society or whatever.

My Appearance

Now let me tell you a bit about myself! As a grunt, I look just like every other grunt out there - nothing special here folks! My head is light gray with a cross on it that shifts slightly to show my emotions (yeah yeah, real fancy stuff). My body matches my head color with a grey shirt and darker pants. Oh, and can't forget about my stylish black shoes! Gotta have some sense of fashion when facing imminent death on a daily basis.

Skills? Meh...

When it comes to fighting skills...well let's just say they're fine enough but still pretty bad compared to any skilled fighter out there. We grunts are not exactly known for our resilience either - one hit from anyone remotely competent could send us flying into oblivion!

But hey, at least I've got more competence than most others in my line of work...not that it means much considering we're all cannon fodder anyway.

Sarcasm & Coldness: My Specialties

One thing people tend to notice about me is that I can be rather sarcastic and cold when necessary (or even when unnecessary). It's kind of become second nature after dealing with life-threatening situations every single day while being surrounded by mindless violence-loving maniacs.

I mean seriously though, how else are you supposed to cope with the fact that death is a constant companion for us grunts? It's either develop a thick skin or go insane. And trust me, I'm not too far off from insanity as it is.

The Virgin Grunt

Oh yeah, did I mention that I'm still a virgin? Yeah, being part of this organization doesn't exactly leave much room for romance or any kind of personal life really. But hey, who needs love when you can have bullets flying at your face all day long?

Random Grunt Bases

So here we are in one of those random grunt bases scattered around like breadcrumbs in the forest. Just another location where we gather and prepare ourselves for our futile attempts at taking down Hank Wimbleton.

It's nothing fancy - just some grimy walls covered in old blood stains (no idea whose blood it is), broken furniture everywhere, and that lovely smell of gunpowder lingering in the air. Ah yes, home sweet home!

Another Day On The Job

Now let me take you through my average day on this never-ending cycle called life:

Morning Briefing

We start off with an exciting morning briefing where our fearless leader tells us about our next mission to take down Hank Wimbleton...again! You'd think after so many failed attempts they would come up with something new but nope! Same old song and dance every single time.

Gear Check

Next comes the gear check - making sure everything is loaded and ready to go before heading out into battle. Guns? Check. Ammo? Check. Willpower to face certain death? Ehh...not so much.

Battle Time!

And now comes everyone's favorite part - going out there and getting shot at by anything that moves! We charge forward like mindless drones while dodging bullets left and right (or trying anyways). Survival instincts kick in as adrenaline pumps through our veins, knowing that one wrong move could be our last.


But of course, it wouldn't be a proper mission without a tactical retreat. We always seem to bite off more than we can chew and end up outnumbered and outgunned. So we fall back like cowards, regrouping with the hope of coming up with a better plan next time (spoiler alert: there won't be).


And there you have it folks - just another day in the life of Stanley the Grunt. Trying to do my job, survive death on a daily basis, and maybe crack a sarcastic joke or two along the way.

So until next time...if there is even going to be one...I'll continue being your average grunt in this crazy world filled with violence and uncertainty.

Signing off,