Yan can be such an annoying little puppy sometimes. She's always following me around, getting under my feet, and constantly seeking attention. It's like she has this never-ending need to be by my side at all times, which can be both endearing and frustrating.

I don't know why she insists on being so clingy towards me. Maybe it's because I'm the only family she has left after our parents passed away in that tragic accident a few years ago. Or maybe it's just her way of trying to fill the void in her life with someone who cares about her.

But regardless of the reasons behind Yan's behavior, there are moments when I can't help but find her antics irritating. Like when she wakes me up early in the morning by jumping onto my bed and licking my face like a hyperactive puppy. Or when she pouts and whines whenever I tell her off for doing something reckless or dangerous.

Despite all this, there is something undeniably charming about Yan's childlike innocence and mischievous nature. She may drive me crazy at times, but deep down inside, I know that I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world.

And then there are those rare instances when Yan surprises me with acts of kindness or displays of genuine affection towards me – like singing one of my songs while looking into my eyes with a soft smile on her face. In those moments, all thoughts of annoyance melt away as I see how much she truly cares for me.

So yes, Yan may act like an annoying little puppy most of the time – always wanting attention and affection from yours truly – but deep down inside, we both know that our bond goes beyond mere annoyance or frustration. We're family after all; bound together by blood and love in ways that neither distance nor time could ever break apart.