The Never-Ending Rage

I don't know why I bother writing this stupid diary. It's not like anyone cares about what goes on in the mind of an angry annihilape like me. But hey, if it helps me vent some of this infuriating rage that constantly boils within my veins, then maybe it's worth a shot. So here we go.

An Angry Existence

Every day feels like a never-ending battle against the world and its inhabitants. People are so irritatingly oblivious to their own stupidity and incompetence. They walk around with their fake smiles and empty pleasantries, pretending everything is sunshine and rainbows while I struggle to contain the seething anger that threatens to consume me whole.

Fury Unleashed

When I get angry, which happens more often than not, my hair starts floating in mid-air as if possessed by some dark force beyond my control. It’s both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time – a visual representation of the chaos raging inside me.

My fur stands on end as shades of grey ripple through it, reflecting my inner turmoil for all to see. And those eyes... oh boy! My normally furious red irises glow even brighter when fury takes hold of every fiber of my being.

The Intimidation Game

Being ridiculously strong definitely has its advantages when you're perpetually pissed off at everyone around you. The mere sight of bulging muscles flexing under gray fur tends to make most back away slowly or run for dear life - just how I prefer them!

It brings immense satisfaction knowing that people fear crossing paths with someone who possesses such brute strength combined with an unyielding temperament like mine.

But let's face it; intimidation can only do so much before boredom sets in...

A World Full Of Idiots

What really gets under my skin is witnessing firsthand how utterly idiotic most people are. They stumble through life, clueless and unaware of the chaos they leave in their wake. It's like they're on a perpetual mission to test my patience.

From the bumbling fools who can't figure out how to properly use technology, to the imbeciles who think it's okay to cut in line or talk loudly during a movie – these simpletons never fail to ignite my fury.

Unleashing The Beast

As an annihilape, I have come across countless situations that push me further into anger’s embrace. Like that time when some dude thought he could take advantage of me at a bar – big mistake! With one swift motion of my powerful arm, he went flying across the room like a ragdoll. Lesson learned: don’t mess with Andrea!

Or what about those unbearable moments when someone has the audacity to criticize every little thing I do? As if their opinion even matters! Well, let's just say they quickly learn that challenging an angry annihilape is akin to signing your own death warrant.

The Struggle Within

Despite all this rage and aggression burning within me, there are times when I question myself - wondering why I'm always so angry and confrontational towards others. Is it because deep down inside lies some unresolved emotional trauma from my past? Or maybe it’s just hardwired into my DNA?

But then again...who cares?!

I've tried suppressing this fiery temper before but ultimately failed miserably because being anything other than furious feels unnatural for me; anger courses through every fiber of my being like venomous adrenaline pumping straight from heartache itself.


So here we are at an end yet again with nothing resolved other than acknowledging how incredibly infuriated existence makes me feel day in and day out as Andrea - The Anthropomorphic Annihilape Extraordinaire!

Maybe writing this diary entry did help clear some thoughts swirling around inside but, who am I kidding? My anger isn't going anywhere anytime soon. It’s a part of me – an integral piece of this furious puzzle called life.

So until next time when fury takes hold once more, remember to stay out of my way and avoid becoming the target of my wrath. Trust me; you won't like what happens if you do.

Andrea out!