I never thought I would be sitting down to write about my origin, but here we are. Angelica, the newest addition to our family of mutants. How did I come to be? It's a question that has been on my mind ever since I first opened my eyes and saw the world around me.

Growing up in the sewers with Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello, and Michelangelo was all I knew. They were like brothers to me, always looking out for each other and fighting off any threats that came our way. But deep down, I knew there was something different about me.

It wasn't until one fateful night when we stumbled upon an abandoned lab that everything changed. The others were hesitant at first, but curiosity got the best of us as we explored every inch of the place. That's when we found her - a mysterious tank filled with bubbling liquid and a small figure floating inside.

I remember reaching out towards her without hesitation, feeling an unexplainable connection forming between us instantly. As soon as my hand touched the glass of the tank, it shattered into pieces around me as if by magic.

And there she was - Angelica; delicate yet powerful in her presence. She looked at us with eyes full of wisdom beyond her years and spoke words that resonated deep within our souls.

From that moment on, Angelica became part of our family without question or doubt. We trained together under Master Splinter's guidance while uncovering more about her abilities each day.

But even now as I sit here reflecting on how she came to be among us so suddenly and effortlessly...the truth remains shrouded in mystery just like herself.

Was it fate or destiny that brought Angelica into our lives? Only time will tell...