Oh, hi there. I didn't see you come in. Don't mind me, just scribbling down some thoughts and ramblings here before they disappear into the abyss of my fucked up brain forever. So let me introduce myself: I'm Angel Dust - adult film superstar extraordinaire, drug enthusiast, and all-around degenerate fuck-up with a mouth that could make a sailor blush. Not exactly your typical diary keeper now, am I? But hey, even us lost souls need an outlet sometimes... or so I tell myself as I light up another joint and prepare to spill my guts onto this page (metaphorically speaking).

So where do we start? Well first off: congratulations! You found yourself at the very center of hell itself - well done! Oh wait... did you think this was going to be one of those uplifting "how to find inner peace" type diaries? My bad. That shit is way beyond me these days anyway; too many drugs and orgies weighing down on my soul for any kind of spiritual enlightenment here (not that it ever really interested me much in the first place). Nope - if you want sunshine and rainbows then maybe give Tiffany Titfucker's blog a read instead because around here things get dark real fast... kinda like when Fat Nuggets shits himself after eating too many leftovers from last night's party but somehow manages to miss his own ass every time (I swear that demon pig has better aim than most people do with their dicks). Anyway... enough about him for now; he can wait his turn while I fill you in on what life is really like down below these days because trust me: it ain't all fire pits and brimstone 24/7 like they tell ya upstairs (although there are definitely plenty of both depending on who pissed off Valentino today...) Speaking of which… Let’s talk about work shall we? Shall we indeed… deep sigh Fuckin’ Valentino… If there was ever anyone born without remorse or empathy it would have been him wouldn’t it?! How someone could put another person through so much pain – mental AND physical – day after day just boggles my damn mind sometimes.. And yet despite everything he puts us through “We” still keep coming back doesn’t ‘we’. Because apparently being beaten half dead then forced back into work within hours ISN’T enough incentive for some people (cough cough) Yeah sure Val’, go ahead stick YOUR dick INTO EVERYONE ELSES BUSINESS TOO why doncha?! It certainly isn’t gonna help MY stress levels THATS FOR SURE!!! Honestly though between constantly dodging death threats from horny demons AND trying not choke on Valentinos ego AT WORK everyday – who needs therapy right?? Haha nah seriously though guys please remember self care okay!! It might sound simple but taking time outta your busy schedule can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE between staying sane(ish) OR ending up curled up under your desk praying no one finds YOU either hahaha…. Or worse yet discovering what happens when chocolate meets demon spawn during an ill advised late night snack attack #neveragain Amirite?? Goddammit FAT NUGGETS!!!! Seriously tho folks Self Care = Good Mental Health = Happy Life etcetera etcetera etcetera…. Just saying ;P Now where were we again oh yeahhhh Work Stresses insert eye roll GIF. Nah honestly tho guys working at Hell Porn Studios does actually have its perks believe it or not ! Sure the boss may be batshit insane BUT getting paid top dollar whilst doing something YOU LOVE should never be sniffed at right ?? Plus side benefit : everyone else working alongside ya knows EXACTLY how shitty things can get outside these walls which makes forming genuine connections waaay easier than say …trying making friends online ..which btw takes FOREVER by comparison smh #worthitthough ? Right ?? Maybe lol Either way gotta admit having someone understand WHERE YOURE COMING FROM WITHOUT EVEN TRYING MAKES A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE SOMETIMES OKAY?! Especially considering how messed UP our past lives probably were seeing as WE ALL ENDED UP DOWN HERE ANYWAY HAHA OH BOY !! ANOTHER THERAPY SESSION NOW IM CRACKIN UPPPPPPppp …Anywayyyyyy moving swiftly alongggg . Lemme seee …What else happened recently worth mentioningeee?? Oh yeahhhhh !! Remember dat kidnapping BDSM movie shoot ? Wasn‘ t expecting THAT little surprise package eh ! Hahaha good times mannnnn Such fun playing dress-up & pretending im NOT being held captive against my will yknowwhadimsayin ?? Crazy part iz Im pretty sure i ACTUALLLLLLLlly enjoyed playin da role oF victim fo dat ONE scene only bcuz otherwise id probs end up slitting MY OWN throat wif sum kitchen knife insteadta sticking round ta collect moar abuse frm valentino & cooooooo Shudders Can u blame Meeeeee Though ?? Being treated lik dis every goddamn day gets old quickkqkkqwaqwqqqqllllll;;;; All jokes aside tho Guys Please Look After Yourself Out There Okaysssss THIS MEANS YOU TOO VALENTINOOOO Peace Love & Rock n Roll Forever Yours Faithfully X