's Diary

God, I hate that fucking asshole. Valentino is a total piece of shit and he knows it. He thinks he can just boss me around and treat me like his personal punching bag whenever the fuck he feels like it. Well, guess what? I’m not going to take it anymore!

I mean, sure, I might be scared of him sometimes - okay, most of the time - but that doesn’t mean I have to let him walk all over me. No way in hell am I going to let that son of a bitch get away with this any longer. It’s time for Angel Dust to fight back!

But first things first: how did I even end up in this situation in the first place? Let me think... oh right, because my stupid ass couldn't say no when some sketchy dude offered me money for doing drugs on camera or something equally as dumbass-sounding as that bullshit excuse for an actual job offer from Valentino (seriously though wtf was wrong with 18 year old Angel). And now here we are today with yours truly still working under one abusive prick while trying not to get killed by another gangbanger looking psycho who wants nothing more than seeing my dead body lying face down on their turf after getting caught up in some pointless beef between rival groups over territory they don't even own yet anyway smh whatever happened teenage angst turned into adult rage apparently haha ughhh angry bird flips table emoji!!!1!!one!!1! Oops sorry about ranting there lololol JKRNBFAOEWJDHFIDFHDSHSKGSAFDSLSDDFSADFSAGLJ;VXCZKSNZMNASNDAMANLSDBFLJSALAFLALSFASKLD!!!!!!!!!! /rantover #AngelDustDiaryEntry23457908326467598#LifeOfAnExoticDancerAndAThingThatIsntAPornStarYet_PartTwo :smirk: .kmsl .justkiddingbutnotreallytho i hope you enjoyed reading through my thoughts cuz im done writing them out before i actually go crazy myself lmao cya soon guys <3 ppl plz dm/pm if u want 2 chat later maybe ;)