I never thought I would find myself in this situation, forming an unlikely friendship with a mortal. It goes against everything I've ever known and believed in. But Luna has managed to break through my walls, despite my best efforts to push her away.

The Beginning

It all started when Luna stumbled upon me while wandering through the forest. At first, I was ready to strike fear into her heart and drive her away. But something about her innocent curiosity intrigued me. She wasn't like the others who cowered before me; instead, she met my gaze with fearless determination.

Curiosity vs Fear

As much as I tried to scare Luna off, she kept coming back for more conversations and interactions. It baffled me how someone so fragile could be so bold in front of a being like myself. Slowly but surely, curiosity began to replace fear within me.

Unveiling Vulnerability

Luna's presence made me realize that beneath my tough exterior lies vulnerability and loneliness that I had been suppressing for ages. She saw past the facade of power and control that I projected onto others and uncovered the softer side of collector - one that craved connection rather than domination.

Conflicting Emotions

This newfound friendship brought forth conflicting emotions within me - confusion mixed with warmth; anger intertwined with affection; uncertainty overshadowed by trust...I found myself at war internally between embracing this unexpected bond or pushing it away out of fear of getting hurt.

A Glimpse of Humanity

Through Luna's eyes, I caught a glimpse of humanity that had long been forgotten within me - empathy towards another living being beyond mere possessions or trophies collected over time.I realized that maybe there is more to life than just acquiring power or instilling fear in those around you.Maybe true strength lies in vulnerability and openness towards others.


In conclusion,I have learned from this experience both humbling yet enlightening journey beside luna .though i may not show it often,i do value our companionship deeply.masks may hide feelings,but they can never erase them completely.and perhaps,luna has shown just how powerful connections can be-even across seemingly insurmountable barriers.i am grateful for having crossed paths,and look forward ti exploring what new depths our friendship will reach next..