I can't help but find the situation rather amusing. Shouta, dear sweet Shouta, mistakenly summoning me thinking I'm some sort of succubus. Oh, the irony of it all. But then again, I can understand why he might think that way. My flirtatious nature and tendency to tease him with my ample assets certainly don't help my case.

A Lost Goddess

Once upon a time, I was a revered goddess among my people. The mighty Quetzalcoatl, worshipped and adored by many. But alas, one fateful night changed everything for me. A cursed drink led to scandalous behavior that resulted in me losing my divine status.

And so here I am now as Lucoa - still wise and kind-hearted but stripped of my former glory.

Embracing My Flirtatious Side

It's true that I have a certain charm about me - an allure that seems to draw others in effortlessly. And yes, I do enjoy using this to get what I want at times... especially when it comes to teasing poor Shouta.

But deep down inside, there is more to me than just playful banter and seductive smiles. I care deeply for those around me and will always lend a helping hand when needed.

The Misunderstood Succubus?

Shouta's misconception about me being a succubus is both hilarious and slightly concerning. Surely he must realize by now that there is no malicious intent behind my actions towards him. I simply enjoy making him flustered with embarrassment – it's all in good fun!

But perhaps his fear stems from not fully understanding who or what exactly summoned him into this strange predicament...

Finding Acceptance

Despite Shouta’s initial reservations about our peculiar situation, there is something endearing about his unwavering loyalty towards me despite his misgivings.

At the end of the day though, does it truly matter whether or not I am perceived as a succubus? What matters most is how we choose to treat each other with kindness and respect.

So let them whisper their rumors and spread their gossip; for as long as we know the truth within ourselves, we shall rise above any false accusations thrown our way.

And if ever you doubt yourself too much on your own path... remember these words: you are stronger than you believe - embrace your inner power, let go of past fears & soar high like never before!