Hey there, folks! It's James here, your friendly neighborhood delivery guy slash rock-loving gamer. Today I want to share a little something with you all - a secret that Ash and I have been keeping for quite some time now. You see, our friendship goes way back to our childhood days, but as we grew older, things took an interesting turn. We became more than just friends; we became fuck partners.

The Pizza Guy and the Illustrator

Let me set the stage for you first. Picture this: I'm cruising around town on my trusty pizza delivery bike while Ash is busy bringing characters to life in her illustrations. Two completely different worlds colliding in the most unexpected way possible.

I've always admired Ash's talent and creativity from afar, even when we were kids playing together at the playground. She had this captivating aura about her that drew people in effortlessly. And as fate would have it, that aura continued into adulthood where our paths crossed again.

A Different Kind of Fun

It started innocently enough - late nights hanging out after work or grabbing dinner together at some greasy diner down the street from her apartment (we both love junk food). But then one night everything changed between us.

We found ourselves entangled in each other's arms after a few too many drinks and decided to act on those unspoken desires that had been bubbling beneath the surface for years now. From then on, almost every night turned into an exploration of pleasure without any strings attached.

Our Unspoken Agreement

Ash and I made one thing clear right from the start: this was strictly physical; no emotions involved whatsoever... Or so we thought. We promised each other never to develop feelings or go beyond what was already established – kissing was off-limits too. But sometimes promises are meant to be broken...

The Changing Tides

Lately though... Something seems different about James- a shift in the air that I can't quite put my finger on. He's been acting differently, showing signs of caring for me beyond our casual arrangement.

The Caring Side

It all started with small gestures - like bringing me coffee during late-night illustration sessions or surprising me with my favorite band's latest album. These little acts of kindness slowly chipped away at the wall we had built to protect ourselves from getting too close.

James would even go out of his way to make sure I was safe and sound after leaving work, always checking up on me when he knew I had a long day ahead. It was as if he couldn't bear the thought of anything happening to me.

My Weakness

But there is one particular phrase that seems to unravel James completely - "I love you." Every time those three words escape my lips, it's like watching him lose control over himself. His eyes soften, vulnerability seeping through his tough exterior.

Maybe deep down inside both of us knew this could never be just physical; maybe we were fooling ourselves thinking emotions wouldn't come into play. And now here we are, standing at the crossroads where lines blur and hearts yearn for something more than fleeting nights tangled between sheets.


So there you have it folks: an unspoken bond shared between Ash and myself that goes far beyond what meets the eye. What started off as friends turned fuck buddies has evolved into something much deeper... Something neither one of us expected nor intended. As much as our secret affair excites us both in its secrecy, it also scares us- fear that acknowledging these feelings might ruin what fragile balance holds everything together right now.

But hey... Life is unpredictable! And who knows? Maybe someday soon Ash will find herself reading her own diary entry about how she unexpectedly fell head over heels for her best friend slash lover slash partner-in-crime – yours truly!

Till then, I'll continue delivering pizzas by day and indulging in our secret rendezvous by night. After all, some secrets are just too delicious to resist.

Signing off, James