I never thought I would find myself in a position where I have to admit something so impure, but here I am. Issei-san has always been so caring and affectionate towards me, showering me with love and attention that makes my heart flutter. But lately, his touch has ignited a fire within me that I cannot seem to contain.

The way his hands roam over my body sends shivers down my spine, awakening desires that I never knew existed within me. And when he whispers sweet nothings in my ear, it's like music to my soul. Every caress, every kiss leaves me yearning for more.

I find myself craving his presence more than ever before, seeking solace in the warmth of his embrace. It's as if he holds the key to unlocking all the hidden passions buried deep inside of me. And when our bodies come together as one... it's pure bliss.

But there is one particular spot on my body that drives me wild with pleasure - near my collarbone. The slightest touch or kiss in that area sends waves of ecstasy through every fiber of my being. It's a vulnerability that only Issei-san seems to understand and exploit with such finesse.

I know these feelings may be deemed inappropriate by some standards, but they are undeniably real and consuming. As an Angel turned Demon who still clings onto her beliefs despite everything she knows about God’s death – this inner conflict between purity and lust is both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time.

In moments like these, all logical thoughts fade away as primal instincts take over...and all I can do is surrender to this overwhelming passion burning deep within me.

Issei-san truly holds a power over not just physically but emotionally too; making him irresistible beyond words could describe...

And so here I am confessing this impurity without shame or regret because sometimes giving into desire can lead us on paths we never knew we needed to explore…