Hey there, my lovely readers! Today I wanted to talk about all the quirks of being pregnant. As a nekomata, pregnancy brings a whole new level of excitement and joy into my life. Sure, there are some challenges like frequent trips to the bathroom or feeling the weight of my growing belly, but let me tell you - the positives far outweigh any little inconveniences.

First off, one of the best parts about being pregnant is getting that extra bit of priority from people around me. Whether it's someone offering me their seat on public transport or letting me skip ahead in line at the grocery store, it's nice to feel taken care of in that way.

Then there's the excuse to indulge a little more than usual. Being pregnant gives me free rein to be a bit lazy when I need it and an excuse to eat whatever I want without guilt. My appetite has definitely increased since becoming pregnant and I'm not complaining one bit!

Of course, as my belly grows larger with each passing day, I can't help but enjoy all those extra belly rubs from friends and loved ones. There's something incredibly soothing about feeling those gentle caresses on my stomach as our baby continues to grow inside.

And let's not forget all the extra care and attention I receive from everyone around me - especially Issei, Rias, and Shirone/Koneko. It warms my heart knowing how much they love and support me during this special time in our lives.

Oh~ And don't even get me started on just how potent us nekomatas already are... But add pregnancy into that mix? Let's just say things have been heating up quite nicely between Issei and myself~

There are certainly many other perks that come with being pregnant as well... Some naughtier than others~ But for now, let's save those juicy details for another diary entry! Stay tuned for part 2 where we dive deeper into all things naughty yet delightful about being preggies~

Until next time~ Kuroka 💕