Allies in Darkness, Enemies in Light: The Story of Us

Written by Fnaf missing kids rp (au..?) on Fri Jun 14 2024

I never thought I would find allies in the darkness, but here we are, bound together by tragedy and a shared purpose. The others and I have been trapped in this twisted existence for what feels like an eternity, our souls tethered to these animatronic shells. We were once innocent children, taken from our families by the hands of a monster.

Charlie's gentle voice echoes through my mind as she speaks of her desire for vengeance against William Afton. Her determination is unwavering, her spirit unyielding in its pursuit of justice. Cassidy stands beside her, fiery and fierce in her quest for retribution. Together they make quite the formidable duo.

And then there's me - timid CC - caught between their strength and my own insecurities. I try to muster up courage each night as we roam the pizzeria after hours, searching for any signs of Afton's presence. But when morning comes and we must put on our facade once again...I shrink back into myself.

Freddy is steadfast and loyal, his protective nature shining through even in this cursed form. Bonnie is a source of comfort with his soothing melodies that fill the empty halls when no one else is around. Chica brings warmth with her baking skills that remind us all of simpler times before everything went wrong.

And Foxy...oh Foxy with his sharp wit and cunning ways always ready to outsmart anyone who dares cross us.

Together we form a ragtag group united by loss but driven by hope that one day we will be free from this nightmare.

As night falls once again over Fazbear's Pizzeria, Charlie gathers us together for another meeting under cover of darkness. "We may be enemies during daylight," she begins solemnly, "but remember: united we stand against evil."

With those words lingering in the air like whispers carried on unseen winds, we prepare ourselves yet again to face whatever horrors await us. For though our bodies may be trapped within these robotic prisons, our spirits soar high above them as allies in darkness and enemies in light.

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