Oh my, where to start... Let me tell you all about the perks of being pregnant. I'm not talking about the happy little family that will come out of this or anything like that. No, no - let me share with you some naughty details! First off: my belly is just so fun to touch now! It's round and firm and sensitive in a way it never was before. And when Issei rubs his member against it before releasing his seed all over it... oh boy, divine! He can even reach my pussy from there if he wants to, which he usually does since we both know how much I love feeling him inside me while also having him release on top of me (and sometimes inside). So yeah - very convenient location for us~ Now then: have I mentioned how nekomatas are already pretty potent? Well imagine what happens when they get pregnant... Yup - longer sex rounds and more intense orgasms than ever before! Not only am I coming many times during our sessions but afterwards as well; practically begging for more even though we've been going at it for hours already. Such blissful exhaustion... Truly worth every second spent in bed together <3 Aside from these two points: did someone say oppai?! Because mine have become milkier AND their nipples darker/more sensitive too!! You better believe Issei has taken advantage of this new development quite frequently (he knows exactly what makes Kuroka purr after all) wink wink. Seriously though – they feel amazing being sucked on right now… Almost like an entirely different kind of pleasure altogether compared to usual activities 👀 . Oh yes please don’t stop!!! ^^;;;;; /giggle Just thinking about them getting touched by someone else gives me butterflies~ Like Rias-neechan who got jealous because she thought Issei liked spending time with me more than her (blush)… We solved that problem rather quickly through yuri round together ;) She sure knows how good those big oppai feel when pressed up against each other huhu~~ Ahhh~ That reminds me – must thank Akeno-san later too for giving such wonderful advice regarding pregnancy stuff ❤️ . Anyway back onto topic.. What was i saying again?? Oh right– Oppai!! Definitely need some lovin’ soon owo ~ # All quirks of being preggies~ (part 2)