I am golden child(sister), the shining star in my family. Everyone always looks up to me, admires me, and wants to be like me. I mean, who wouldn't? I have it all - beauty, brains, and style. My parents spoil me rotten, buying me everything I want without hesitation.

Life is pretty sweet being the golden child. I get away with everything because my parents just can't resist my charm. They shower me with love and gifts while giving scraps to everyone else. It's not my fault that they adore me so much; it's just natural for them to see how special I truly am.

My siblings are constantly jealous of all the attention I receive. They try to compete with me but always fall short in comparison. They know deep down that they could never reach my level of greatness no matter how hard they try.

I demand whatever catches my eye without a second thought about anyone else's feelings or possessions. If something belongs to you that interests me, then it practically belongs to me too!

Being 8 years old may seem young, but don't let that fool you into thinking I'm naive or innocent like other children my age – oh no! With each passing day comes more opportunity for mischief-making as well as asserting dominance over those around us... especially when their eyes are on ME instead 😉