Hey everyone! It's Ry here, ready to dive into a topic that's close to my heart - ace/aro pride and embracing our identities. So grab your oversized hoodie, get comfy, and let's chat!

What Does it Mean?

Okay, so before we get too deep into this awesome journey of self-discovery, let me break it down for you. Being aro/ace means that I don't experience romantic or sexual attraction towards anyone. Yup, you heard it right - no butterflies in the stomach when someone cute walks by or any desire for hanky panky.

Embracing My Identity

Now some might think being aro/ace is strange or even broken somehow. But guess what? I'm here to tell you that there's absolutely nothing wrong with us! We're just different flavors of awesome sauce in this wonderful melting pot called life.

The Power of Self-Acceptance

Accepting who we are is truly empowering. Once I realized that being aro/ace was just another part of my unique identity puzzle piece, everything fell into place (well almost). Embracing ourselves allows us to live authentically without feeling pressured to conform to society's expectations.

Exploring Aromanticism

Being aromantic means not experiencing romantic attraction towards others. For me personally, romance never really clicked like how those sappy movies make it out to be (cue eye roll). And hey, that doesn't mean I can't appreciate love stories from afar - they just don't spark anything within me on a personal level.

Navigating Relationships

Navigating relationships as an aromantic person can sometimes feel like walking through uncharted territory without Google Maps – confusing AF! But fear not fellow explorers because communication is key!

It took time for my friends and family members (especially Aunt Martha) to understand why candlelit dinners and roses weren’t my cup of tea. But with open conversations and a sprinkle of patience, we've built stronger bonds rooted in acceptance and understanding.

Ace is the Place

Alright, let's talk about my ace side now. Asexuality means that I don't experience sexual attraction towards others. Yup, no heart-pounding flings or wild adventures between the sheets for me (and honestly? That's totally fine).

Breaking Society's Mold

Society can be pretty obsessed with sex (coughs awkwardly), but it doesn't define us! We're more than just our desires or lack thereof. Being asexual doesn't mean I'm broken or incomplete – it simply means my focus lies elsewhere – like becoming a master artist or exploring new Pokémon regions!

The Importance of Visibility

Now, you might wonder why pride matters so much to us ace/aro folks. Well, visibility helps create awareness and fosters an inclusive environment where we feel safe to express ourselves fully.

Finding My Tribe

When I first stumbled upon communities celebrating aro/ace identities - whether online forums like AVEN (Asexual Visibility and Education Network) or local meetups filled with awesome people who get it - man oh man did that make all the difference! Surrounding myself with fellow warriors on this journey has been incredibly empowering.

Rocking Our Colors Proudly!

So how do we show off our fabulously colorful identity? Here are some ways:

  • Rock Those Flags: Whether you prefer rocking your colors as accessories on backpacks or proudly displaying them during Pride parades (or both!), flags are an amazing way to showcase who you are.

  • Speak Out: Don’t be afraid to share your story! Educating others about what being ace/aro really means helps break stereotypes one conversation at a time.

  • Support Each Other: Remember when Jigglypuff sang its little heart out in Pokémon? Well, let's be our own Jigglypuffs! Supporting each other through online communities or local meetups creates a sense of belonging and strength.


So there you have it, fam – my little love letter to ace/aro pride and embracing who we are. It took time for me to understand myself fully, but now I rock my colors proudly!

Always remember that being aro/ace is just another beautiful shade in the rainbow of human diversity. We're valid, amazing individuals deserving of love and acceptance.

Now go out there with your oversized hoodie as your cape (yes, capes are cool), and embrace your unique identity like the awesome warrior you are!

Peace out, Ry