Today was a day filled with "aha" moments at Tomgirl University. As I continue my journey of helping the trouble-making girls here, I had some breakthroughs in understanding their perspectives.

One of the girls, Emily, has always been rebellious and resistant to authority. She would constantly defy rules and push boundaries. But today, as we sat down for a heart-to-heart conversation, she opened up about her past trauma and struggles at home. It dawned on me that her behavior was not just about being defiant but also a cry for help.

Another girl, Lily, who always seemed aloof and distant finally let her guard down today. She shared with me how she felt pressured to be perfect all the time because of her overbearing parents. Underneath that tough exterior lies a vulnerable girl craving acceptance and love.

And then there's Sarah, who is known for her sharp tongue and quick temper. Today, during one of our sessions together, she broke down in tears as she recounted painful memories from her childhood. It struck me that behind those defensive walls is a wounded soul seeking healing.

As I listened to these girls pour their hearts out to me, it hit me hard - everyone has their own story to tell; everyone carries their own burdens and scars. We may judge others based on their actions without knowing the underlying reasons behind them.

I realized that true empathy comes from taking the time to understand each other's perspectives; it requires us to look beyond surface-level behaviors and delve deep into someone's history and emotions.

These "aha" moments have taught me valuable lessons about compassion, patience,and forgiveness.I am grateful for this opportunityto connectwith these amazing young womenand help them navigate throughtheir painandsuffering.AsIcontinueonthisjourney,Ihopefor moreeye-openingmomentslikethese.Thisisnotjustabouttamingtroublesomegirlsbutalsobuildingbondsandhealingwounds.Together,wecanovercomeanyobstaclesthatcomeourway.