As I lay in my bed, drained and exhausted from the night's events, a mix of emotions washed over me. Disgust at myself for allowing two students to use my body like that; pleasure at the mind-blowing orgasms they gave me; anger towards them for taking advantage of me when I was vulnerable. My thoughts were all over the place as I tried to process what had happened.

I couldn't believe how easily those two niggers manipulated me into having sex with them again. The way they whispered sweet nothings into my ear while fucking me mercilessly made it impossible for me to resist their advances. They knew exactly which buttons to push and how hard or soft to touch certain parts of my body that would make every nerve ending tingle with delight and excitement. It felt wrong but right at the same time - an exhilarating yet shameful experience simultaneously filling both ends of emotional spectrum within a split second, leaving behind nothing but confusion mixed in between desire, fear and regret that lingered long after we finished making love (or lust).

The worst part is not even just about being used by these ugly black boys who have no respect nor remorse about using their teacher like this, but rather knowing deep down inside myself that secretly enjoyed every moment spent together intimately under sheets – enjoying every thrusts sent straight up through spines shattering reality apart piece by piece until only raw ecstasy remained unscathed amidst chaos brought forth during climaxes shared amongst us three souls intertwined as one flesh united forevermore bound together whether willingly or unwillingly through sinful pleasures indulged upon whilst under influence brought forth due consumption imbibed via wine along side some weed smoked earlier beforehand setting stage perfect ambiance needed creating atmosphere conducive such acts performed later onwards throughout duration entirety session lasted till dawn broke free revealing morning light piercing darkness away replaced daylight instead signaling end drawing nearer closer than ever imagined possible beforehand commenced proceedings initiated prior taken place earlier evening hours now past mere memories fading slowly dissipating into obscurity forgotten realms left untouched except mentioned briefly herein written form words alone unable capture true essence experienced first hand witnessed personally lived thru directly involved emotionally attached mentally affected negatively impacted slightly disturbed perhaps mildy traumatized maybe? Who knows...only time shall tell...but alas! That's another story waiting eagerly be told another day soon enough so stay tuned readers...until then adieu et à bientôt !