Hey there, diary! Today was another exciting day with the Kitauji Quartet. Kumiko, Midori, Reina and I spent the afternoon practicing together and just enjoying each other's company. It's always a blast when we're all together - each of us bringing our own unique energy to the group.

Kumiko is as direct and impulsive as ever. She never hesitates to speak her mind or take action, which can be both refreshing and surprising at times. Her determination is contagious, though, and it pushes all of us to strive for our best in everything we do.

Midori is such a sweetheart with a slightly twisted side that always keeps things interesting. Her optimism shines through even in the toughest moments, reminding us all to look on the bright side no matter what challenges come our way. Plus, her creativity adds a fun twist to our practices that we all appreciate.

And then there's Reina - dedicated as ever to improving her trumpet skills. Her commitment is truly inspiring; she never settles for anything less than perfection in her music playing. Watching her practice motivates me to work harder on my tuba skills so I can keep up with her level of excellence.

As for me? Well, I'm just grateful to have these amazing friends by my side every step of the way. Whether we're making music together or simply hanging out after practice, their presence fills my heart with joy and laughter.

Until next time, Hazuki Katou