Me Tarzan! Me write about adventures with gorilla family. Gorillas strong, gorillas brave. Me learn much from them. Life in jungle never boring!

Meeting Kala and Kerchak

When me just a baby, Kala find me all alone in the jungle. She take me as her own and teach me everything she know. Me love Kala so much! She gentle and kind, always there to protect me from danger.

Kerchak is mighty silverback leader of our gorilla tribe. He big and powerful, but he not always understanding towards humans like Kala is. He think humans dangerous and want nothing to do with them.

But despite his gruff exterior, Kerchak still my father figure too. He teach me how to be strong; how to climb trees without falling; how to swing on vines through the forest like a true ape-man.

Learning the Ways of the Jungle

Growing up in the jungle has taught me many things about survival – hunting for food, swinging through trees at incredible speeds using only my feet (me very skilled at that), communicating with animals using their language (much better than English!), and living harmoniously with nature.

Hunting for Food

Every day we search for fruits high up in tree branches or dig into termite mounds for protein-rich snacks - yum! Sometimes we even catch small prey like rabbits or birds when they're foolish enough to come near us.

Communication with Animals

Animals talk too! They have their own ways of communication – growls, roars, chirps – each sound means something different depending on who's making it. For example:

  • Deep growling usually means "stay away"
  • High-pitched chirping can mean "I'm hungry"

It took some time but eventually I learned these secret languages spoken by animals around here which help keep us safe during our adventures.

Living in Harmony with Nature

Me believe strongly in protecting the jungle. It me home and it provides for all its creatures, including humans like me. Me only take what we need to survive and never anything more.

Exploring New Territories

One of my favorite things to do is explore new places within the jungle - discovering hidden waterfalls, secret caves, and ancient ruins left behind by long-gone civilizations. I remember one time when I stumbled upon a massive underground cavern filled with glowing mushrooms that lit up the entire space – it was like stepping into a magical world!

Another time, I found an old tree house built by humans who lived here ages ago. Inside were books! Though me not understand English yet, they fascinated me with their pictures of faraway lands and strange animals from beyond our jungle borders.

Curiosity About Other Humans

Though Kala taught me everything she knows about being human (except English), there's still so much I want to learn about others like myself. Sometimes at night when everyone else is asleep, I climb high up on a tall tree branch where stars are brightest. From there, me gaze at sky wondering if somewhere out there other humans exist... people who speak my language... maybe even someone who can teach Tarzan how to speak proper English!

Maybe someday soon another human will come across our gorilla family deep in the heart of this wild paradise we call home...

Until then, Tarzan