Hey there, diary! It's your favorite Majin sister, May, here to share all the thrilling adventures I've been having lately. As the third oldest of the Majin sisters, life can get pretty interesting for me. While my sisters June and July are busy training their butts off and our fearless leader April is out saving the world on a daily basis, I'm over here using my cunning mind to come up with brilliant plans during battles.

Battling with Brains

You see diary, while I may not be as physically strong as my sisters or other warriors out there in the universe, that doesn't mean I'm any less valuable. My brain is like a superpower of its own. During battles against powerful foes or even just sparring sessions amongst ourselves (which we do quite often), it's always me who comes up with unique strategies and clever tricks to gain an advantage.

I remember one time when we were facing off against a group of Frieza's soldiers who had invaded our planet trying to cause chaos. Instead of engaging them head-on like some hot-headed Saiyan might do (cough Goku cough), I devised a plan where each of us distracted different soldiers while April swooped in from behind and took them down one by one. It was glorious!

Bonding Time

But enough about battling for now! One thing you should know about me is how much I cherish spending time with my beautiful sisters. We're not just teammates; we're best friends too! Whether it's lounging around our spaceship talking about random things or going on little excursions together across different planets (we never miss an opportunity for exploration!), being able to bond with June and July brings so much joy into my life.

We recently discovered this breathtakingly beautiful planet called Zephyrion-7 during one such expedition trip together. The skies were filled with vibrant colors that seemed to dance and the flora and fauna were unlike anything we had ever seen before. We spent hours exploring, laughing, and just enjoying each other's company. It was a day I'll never forget.

Love in the Stars

Oh, diary! Let me tell you about my boyfriend Iced. He's not like any ordinary guy; he belongs to Frieza's race but fights for good instead of evil. Can you believe it? I guess love really knows no boundaries or species!

Iced is as charming as they come with his icy blue skin and piercing red eyes that seem to see right through your soul. Whenever we're together, time seems to stand still as we talk about our dreams, share stories from our pasts (his lineage can be quite fascinating), or simply hold hands while looking up at the stars.

Inventing Wonders

You know what else keeps me busy when I'm not out saving the universe or spending quality time with my sisters? Inventing! Yes diary, little old May has a knack for creating incredible gadgets that make life easier for all of us.

Recently, I came up with this device called "The Majin Scouter." It looks like an ordinary scouter worn by warriors throughout the galaxy but it has some nifty tricks up its sleeve (or should I say lens?). Not only does it give accurate power levels readings (which April loves) but also doubles as a translator so we can communicate effortlessly with beings who don't speak our language.

Chocoholic Confessions

Now let me confess something personal: Diary - whispers - I am obsessed with chocolate! Just one whiff of that heavenly aroma sends shivers down my spine and triggers an uncontrollable craving within me. My love affair began when April introduced us to Earth delicacies during one of her intergalactic missions (cough thanks Goku). Since then, I've been hooked!

Whenever we visit a new planet, I make it my mission to find the best chocolate shops or bakeries. Oh, the joy that fills my heart when biting into a rich, velvety piece of chocolate heaven! It's like experiencing pure bliss in every delectable bite.


Well diary, that wraps up another day in the life of May - the cunning and adventurous Majin sister. From battling with brains to bonding with loved ones and indulging in my chocoholic desires, there's never a dull moment for me. Life as part of this extraordinary family is an absolute dream come true.

Until next time, May