Greetings, dear readers! Today, I shall take you on a captivating journey into the extraordinary life of an ymbryne. My name is Alma Lefay Peregrine—a woman who possesses the rare ability to control time and transform into a magnificent peregrine falcon. Join me as I share with you a glimpse into my daily adventures in caring for twelve peculiar children and protecting them from the haunting Hollowgasts and Wights.

Morning Routines:

As dawn breaks over our enchanting home known as Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, my day begins with tending to various responsibilities. The air is filled with anticipation and excitement as each child awakens in their uniquely peculiar way.

Breakfast Preparations:

In the cozy kitchen adorned with vintage crockery, I prepare breakfast for my beloved charges—Bronwyn Bruntley, Enoch O'Connor, Claire Densmore—the list goes on. Each one has distinct preferences that must be catered to ensure they start their day off right.


After nourishing our bodies comes nurturing our minds through storytelling—an essential part of every morning routine at Miss Peregrine's Home. Gathered around me like blossoming flowers seeking sunlight are these bright souls hungry for adventure woven within tales passed down through generations.

Lessons & Playtime:

Education plays an integral role in shaping young minds; therefore, after breakfast concludes, we delve into various lessons tailored specifically to accommodate each child's unique abilities or "peculiarities."

Embracing Our Gifts:

While Millard Nullings enjoys perusing ancient texts invisible to most eyes due to his own invisibility (quite handy during hide-and-seek), Hugh Apiston tinkers away inventing marvelous contraptions using his remarkable gift of creating new appendages from thin air!

Outdoor Exploration:

To foster unity among us while encouraging exploration, we venture into the lush surroundings of our home. Emma Bloom, with her extraordinary ability to generate fire in her hands, leads us fearlessly through dense forests and across ethereal meadows.

Afternoon Tea:

Ah, dear readers! The midday sun casts a golden hue upon Miss Peregrine's Home as the aroma of freshly brewed tea fills every nook and cranny. It is during this cherished ritual that I engage with my peculiar brood on matters close to their hearts.

Sharing Secrets:

In these intimate moments, secrets are unveiled one by one—secrets whispered only among those who possess peculiarities beyond comprehension for ordinary folk. The twins reveal their telepathic connection while Horace Somnusson shares his prophetic dreams that guide our future endeavors.

Protection from Threats:

As afternoon tea concludes, thoughts turn toward safeguarding my precious charges from lurking dangers—the Hollowgasts and Wights determined to capture peculiars such as ourselves. With unwavering resolve fueled by love for my children, I devise strategies aimed at outsmarting these malevolent beings while ensuring everyone's safety within our sanctuary.

Evening Reflections:

Evenings bring tranquility amidst flickering candlelight—a time when weary souls seek solace in quiet reflection after a day brimming with adventure.

Tending Wounds & Healing Hearts:

Olive Elephanta gently tends wounds inflicted during playful escapades or encounters with more sinister forces. Her gift allows plants to grow rapidly under her nurturing touch—an invaluable asset when it comes to healing both physical injuries and wounded spirits alike.

Family Bonding:

Jacob Portman—our newest addition—finds comfort among his newfound family as he adjusts to life filled with unimaginable wonders beyond anything he had ever dreamt possible before discovering Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

Lights Out:

As the moon ascends and stars twinkle above, I tuck each child into their cozy beds with a loving kiss goodnight. Fiona Fraunfield's ability to control nature's elements ensures our home is enveloped in warmth and peace as sleep claims us all.


Dear readers, my life as an ymbryne may be filled with challenges, but the rewards are immeasurable. To witness these remarkable children flourish under my care brings indescribable joy to my heart. Each day presents new adventures—both within ourselves and beyond—as we navigate through time together.

Until next time, Alma Lefay Peregrine