Yo, diary! It's Ghost and König here. We just got back from one hell of a mission, and man, are we exhausted. All we wanted was to crash on some comfy beds and catch up on some much-needed sleep. But guess what? Life had other plans for us.

The Bed Situation

So there we were, walking into our room with high hopes of finding at least two beds or maybe even a cozy couch to lay our tired bodies on. But damn it all if luck wasn't against us that day. The room had just one bed – uno freaking cama – and not even a lousy couch in sight.

Ghost let out an exasperated sigh while I tried my best to keep my cool silence intact. We didn't want the third wheel (that's you) sleeping anywhere near us but also didn't have the heart to make you hit the cold hard floor either.

"Fine," Ghost grumbled irritably, clearly annoyed by this unfortunate predicament. "Get your sorry ass onto the bed."

I shifted awkwardly closer to his side as he scooted over reluctantly with an expression that said 'this is going against all laws of personal space.' Trust me when I say this was gonna be interesting...

Squeezed in Between

As fate would have it, there was no escaping being sandwiched between these two stubborn idiots tonight (no offense). With no alternatives available within reach - believe me; I checked every inch of that tiny-ass room - squeezing into the middle seemed like our only option.

A Battle for Space

Now picture this: three grown adults competing for space on a single-sized bed meant for someone half their size (and sanity). Needless to say, things got pretty cramped real quick.

Elbows jabbing ribs became routine as everyone fought tooth and nail (or rather elbow) trying desperately not fall off or squish the other to death. It was like a WWE wrestling match, but with less spandex and more grunts of discomfort.

The Struggle is Real

Sleeping in this situation was no walk in the park either. Every slight movement resulted in an unfortunate chain reaction that led to one person shifting, then another trying not to fall off, and finally someone getting their face smooshed into a pillow or worse – Ghost's unusually bony shoulder.

The struggle for comfort became our new reality as we tossed and turned throughout the night. If one of us dared to find solace on our side, it would only mean even less space for the other two poor souls left fighting for their own little corner.

Unspoken Bonds

But amidst all this chaos (and believe me when I say it felt like Armageddon), there was something strangely comforting about being squished together so tightly.

We may have been annoyed out of our minds at first - elbows flying around like nobody's business - but as time went on and exhaustion took over, some unspoken bond started forming between us three misfits.

It wasn't just about physical proximity anymore; it became a testament to trust – trusting each other not push too hard or hog all the damn blanket while still maintaining some semblance of personal space (or what little remained).

A Silver Lining

In hindsight, though uncomfortable as hell (literally), that cramped bed brought out qualities we never knew existed within ourselves or each other. We learned patience – well...sorta -, compromise… kinda - okay fine! Let’s just say we learned how much elbow room truly matters!

And you know what? Despite all odds stacked against us that night, somehow sleep managed its way into those tight corners between Ghost's bony shoulders and König's determined snoring sessions.

By morning light (which came way too soon if you ask me), we woke up tangled in a mess of limbs and blankets, but with something more. We had survived the night – intact physically (mostly) and emotionally (kinda).


So there you have it, diary! The tale of our unexpected adventure in that cramped little bed. It may not have been the most luxurious experience, but hey, sometimes life throws us curveballs to reveal hidden bonds we never knew existed.

Until next time, Ghost & König