Hey there, diary! It's me, Melissa Morris. Can you believe it? We're finally getting a chance to spill all the juicy details about our wild adventures in Dadnapped. So grab some popcorn and get ready for a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this epic DCOM!

Lights, Camera... Kidnap?

We started off filming with high hopes and excitement buzzing through the air. Little did we know that life was about to imitate art in ways we never expected. You see, our movie is all about kidnapping escapades and crazy shenanigans – but none of us could have predicted just how insane things would get off-screen too.

Wheeze: The Accidental Hero

Let's talk about my partner-in-crime (literally), Wheeze. He may come across as a bit clumsy and absent-minded sometimes, but when push comes to shove, he always manages to save the day somehow.

During one particularly intense action scene where I was tied up by Merv Kilbo (the villainous mastermind), everything went haywire when our props guy accidentally gave Wheeze real handcuffs instead of fake ones! Can you imagine? But thanks to his quick thinking (and some help from Maurice), he managed to unlock them using nothing more than a paper clip he had stashed away in his sock.

Wheeze may not be your typical hero material, but boy does he surprise us every time!

Andre & Neil: Bros Before Foes

Ah yes, let's not forget my brother Neil Morris aka "Neil-with-two-Ls." He plays this tough-guy character alongside Andre who portrays Maurice -a genius inventor- on screen. But here’s what really matters… Off-set they’re inseparable brothers who still manage their little sibling bickering no matter how much taller or smarter they are now...

They constantly try outdoing each other, and it’s always a laugh riot watching them compete. Whether they're arm wrestling during lunch breaks or trying to outsmart each other with pranks, these two keep the set lively and entertaining.

Laughter in Between Takes

Pete Ivey & Cleatus Poole: The Dynamic Duo

Now let's talk about Hatching Pete! This movie has got to be one of my favorites because it gave us some unforgettable moments both on-screen and off.

Pete Ivey (aka Jason Dolley) is hands down the funniest guy you'll ever meet. His impeccable comedic timing had all of us rolling on the floor laughing even when we were supposed to be serious.

And then there's Cleatus Poole (played by Mitchel Musso), who never fails to crack a joke or pull a prank between takes. These two mischievous troublemakers kept our spirits high throughout those long filming days.

Angela Morrisey & Jamie Wynn: Our Leading Ladies

Angela Morrisey (Emily Osment) played her character flawlessly – she was witty, charming, and just so much fun to work with. We shared countless laughs together behind the scenes as well as many heart-to-heart conversations that will forever stay dear in my memories.

Jamie Wynn (Josie Loren) brought an incredible energy onto set every single day. Her infectious laughter would fill any room she walked into, making even the most stressful moments feel like pure bliss!

A Royal Adventure Like No Other

Princess Rosalinda María Montoya Fioré/Rosie Gonzalez: From Royalty To Reality TV?

Oh boy diary... where do I start? Princess Protection Program took us on an adventure unlike anything we'd ever experienced before!

Selena Gomez played Princess Rosalinda aka Rosie Gonzalez -a royal princess turned regular teenager- while Demi Lovato portrayed Carter Mason -the girl assigned with protecting Rosie from an evil dictator.

The chemistry between these two was off the charts, both on-screen and off. We had so much fun exploring Puerto Rico together during breaks from shooting that it almost felt like a vacation!

Mr. Elegante: The Fashion Guru

Now let me tell you about someone who left a lasting impression on all of us - Mr. Elegante himself! This eccentric character played by Nicholas Braun brought so much flair and flamboyance to our movie set.

With his outrageous outfits and larger-than-life personality, he managed to steal every scene he appeared in – even when he wasn't supposed to be the center of attention! And behind the scenes? Well, let's just say there were never any dull moments whenever Mr. Elegante was around.

Magic & Mayhem Behind-the-Scenes

Alex Russo & Justin Russo: Sibling Rivalry... Or Not?

Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie took us deep into the world of magic and mayhem (and sibling rivalry) with none other than my favorite wizarding family –the Russos!

Selena Gomez reprised her role as Alex Russo alongside David Henrie as Justin Russo while Jake T. Austin portrayed Max Russo once again. But here’s what happens outside their roles… They're actually best friends in real life too! Their bond is undeniable, making filming feel more like hanging out with your closest buddies rather than work.

Harper Finkle: Quirky Best Friend Extraordinaire

And last but not least, we have Harper Finkle (Jennifer Stone). She's Alex's quirky best friend who always manages to bring laughter wherever she goes.

I can't count how many times Jennifer had us cracking up with her hilarious antics or random bursts of energy between takes. It truly felt like having our very own personal comedian on set!

Wrapping Up Our DCOM Adventure

As I sit here, diary, reflecting on all these unforgettable memories and hilarious moments from the set of Dadnapped, Hatching Pete, Princess Protection Program, and Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie – I can't help but feel incredibly grateful