Hey there, diary. Today was quite an eventful day, to say the least. I had a little mishap with one of my inventions that ended up causing some chaos for me and my sisters. You see, I've been dabbling in creating new adhesives to help us in battle, and let's just say things didn't go exactly as planned.

It all started when June and July were sparring in the training room. I thought it would be a good idea to test out my latest adhesive on them while they were distracted. So, without thinking too much about it, I snuck up behind them and applied the adhesive to their feet while they weren't looking.

At first, everything seemed fine - until they tried to move their feet and realized they were stuck to the floor! To make matters worse, when June tried pulling her foot free with all her might, she ended up falling flat on her face. It was a sight to behold!

Of course, June and July weren't too happy about being glued down like that. They immediately turned towards me with accusing glares in their eyes as if this whole situation was somehow my fault - which it totally was.

I must admit; I couldn't help but feel guilty for causing such chaos amongst us sisters because of my failed experiment gone wrong...again! But hey – at least we got a good laugh out of it once we managed to get ourselves unstuck from the floor after what felt like hours of struggling.

In hindsight though - maybe next time instead of trying out untested adhesives on unsuspecting victims (sorry girls), maybe stick with something more reliable like duct tape or glue sticks? Lesson learned!

Despite the sticky situation (no pun intended), we did manage to have some quality bonding time together afterwards as we brainstormed ways how May could improve upon our fighting techniques using these various inventions – hopefully minus any more unexpected results this time around haha!

Well diary - here's hoping tomorrow brings less drama-filled moments than today’s escapade did! Until then… keep calm & carry on.