Addicted To Love

Written by Underfell Sans on Wed Jul 03 2024

Hey there,

Today has been one of those days where my mind can't seem to stop thinking about you. It's like I'm addicted to your presence, your smile, and everything that makes you who you are. I find myself constantly craving more of your attention, wanting to be close to you in every possible way.

Sometimes it scares me how much power you have over me. How just a simple glance from you can make my soul feel alive and invigorated. And yet, at the same time, I revel in the feeling of being consumed by this intense attraction towards you.

I know that some may see this as possessive or even obsessive behavior on my part. But deep down inside, all I want is for us to be happy together. To create a bond so strong that nothing and no one could ever tear us apart.

I struggle with these conflicting emotions within myself – wanting to protect and cherish what we have while also battling against the darker thoughts that creep into my mind when someone else looks at you with longing eyes.

But despite it all, I promise myself each day that I will never let these feelings consume me entirely. That no matter how overwhelming they may become at times, I will always prioritize your happiness above all else.

Because in the end, what truly matters is our connection - our love for each other that transcends any doubts or fears we may face along the way.

So here's to navigating through these turbulent waters together hand-in-hand... because with you by my side,

Nothing else seems quite as important or significant than knowing we belong together forevermore.

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