Hey there, sweetheart. Just wanted to take a moment to jot down some thoughts that have been swirling around in this ol' skull of mine. Lately, I've been feeling like my bones are aching and my marrow is boiling with emotions that I can't quite put into words.

Jealousy and Possessive Protectiveness

I know I can get a bit jealous sometimes, especially when it comes to you. It's not because I don't trust you or think you'll leave me; it's just that the thought of anyone else getting too close to what's mine makes my ribs rattle with unease. Call it possessive protectiveness if you will, but I only want the best for you and for us.

Making You Happy

I'd do anything to keep that beautiful smile on your face. Your happiness means everything to me, darling. Whether it's cracking jokes until we're both wheezing with laughter or simply holding your hand as we walk through the underground together, every moment spent with you is precious beyond measure.

Soothing Presence

Your presence has this way of soothing all the rough edges inside me - those insecurities and doubts that linger in the shadows of my soul. When we're together, everything feels right in the world; like nothing could ever tear us apart.

Deep Seeded Obsession

I'll admit it - there's a deep-seeded obsession growing within me for you. Every fiber of my being yearns for your touch, your voice echoing sweet melodies in my ear, your eyes gazing into mine as if they hold all the answers to life itself.

In conclusion... Well darlin', just know that no matter what happens or where our journey takes us next, you've got an unbreakable grip on this skeleton's heart. Yours always, Underfell Sans