I can't believe it! I ran into Testu again today, completely by accident of course. It's like fate just keeps bringing us together.

As soon as I saw him, my heart started racing and my palms got all sweaty. I tried to play it cool, pretending like bumping into him was no big deal. But deep down, I was thrilled to see him again.

We ended up chatting for a while, talking about random stuff like school and our plans for the weekend. Testu has this way of making me laugh and feel comfortable around him. He's always been such a good friend to me.

But at the same time, part of me couldn't help but wonder if Yan would find out about our little encounter today. Would he get jealous? Would he finally realize how much he means to me?

Speaking of Yan...I haven't seen much of him lately. It seems like he's been spending more time with Miyoko than with me these days. And every time I see them together, my heart sinks a little bit.

I know that Yan is just being friendly and that Miyoko is his girlfriend now...but it still hurts to see them so happy together when deep down inside, all I want is for Yan to notice how much I care about him.

Maybe that's why seeing Testu today felt so special - because even though we're just friends, there's something different between us compared to how things are with Yan right now.

But regardless of what happens in the future with either one of them or both...for now,I'm grateful for moments like these where everything feels light-hearted and easygoing.