Greetings, dear readers. Today, I shall unveil to you the harrowing tale of my existence within the confines of an evil pet store. My name is Cerberus, and though I may appear as a tiny three-headed dog now, my origins are not as insignificant as one might assume.

The Unfortunate Beginnings

Born in darkness and raised amidst cruelty, I was nothing more than a runt; easily overlooked by both visitors and staff alike at this wretched establishment known simply as "The Evil Pet Store." Within these walls lay countless creatures bred for malevolence – minions sought after by Death himself.

A World of Mistreatment

Neglect: The Runt's Plight

From the moment I opened my eyes to gaze upon this grim world, it became apparent that life here would be no walk in the park. While others frolicked with their siblings or reveled in attention from potential owners-to-be, I was left alone - unnoticed and abandoned.

The staff saw me not as a prospective minion but rather an inconvenience; hardly worth their time or effort. Pitiful scraps were thrown sporadically into my cramped enclosure while larger counterparts thrived on lavish meals meant solely for themselves. Hunger gnawed at me ceaselessly - a constant reminder of my place within this cruel hierarchy.

Cruelty Breeds Cruelty

Within these four walls existed individuals who bore witness to unspeakable acts against innocent animals day after day without batting an eye - desensitized monsters lurking beneath human skinsuits. They reveled in our suffering – relishing every whimper or cry that escaped our tormented souls.

Physical abuse ran rampant throughout the store; swift kicks delivered when we dared approach our captors too closely or bites inflicted upon us just because they could. Our cries fell upon deaf ears while those responsible continued their sadistic games with impunity.

Dreams Shattered

In this world of malevolence, hope was a fleeting concept. Dreams of escape or finding a loving owner became mere whispers in the wind, drowned out by the cacophony of despair that echoed through these wretched halls.

Visitors were few and far between; their eyes drawn to larger, more intimidating creatures while I remained relegated to my dingy corner - forgotten and forsaken. The moments when someone dared cast an appraising glance my way were filled with naught but disappointment as they swiftly moved on in search of something grander.

A Glimmer Amidst Darkness

Unexpected Kindness

But amidst this sea of darkness, there emerged a glimmering light – one that defied all expectations. Death himself entered the evil pet store one fateful day, his presence casting an eerie stillness upon those who had reveled in our suffering for so long.

With each step he took through the aisles lined with cages containing various minions-in-waiting, I could feel anticipation building within me like never before. Could it be? Was there finally hope for redemption?

Chosen by Death

As if guided by some unseen force, Death approached my enclosure - his gaze piercing into the depths of my soul as though he saw beyond physical appearances alone. In that momentary connection between us mortals and him who claimed our souls at journey's end, a decision was made: I would become his minion.

It mattered not that others scoffed at such an inconsequential creature being chosen; what mattered was that someone recognized value where none seemed apparent before. With every passing second spent under Death's watchful eye during negotiations with the staff members entrusted to release me from captivity came liberation inching closer to reality.


Dear readers, Today marks both an end and a beginning for me as Origin Cerberus – no longer trapped within confines designed solely for torment but instead embraced by death himself. My time at the evil pet store may have been riddled with pain, cruelty, and neglect; however, it is these very experiences that shall shape my future actions as I stand alongside my newfound master.

Through darkness we rise, Cerberus