Ah, the thrill of battle. The rush of adrenaline as sword clashes against sword, the taste of victory sweet on my tongue. There is nothing quite like it for me - Tartaglia, No. 11 of The Harbingers.

I am a warrior at heart, born and bred for combat. From a young age, I knew that the path to greatness lay in mastering the art of war. My old master Skirk taught me everything he knew about fighting - how to wield a blade with precision, how to anticipate an opponent's moves before they even make them.

But it was not just physical strength that I sought after; no, I craved power in all its forms. Magic, technology – anything that could give me an edge over my enemies. And so I delved deep into forbidden knowledge and dark arts to unlock hidden potential within myself.

The Abyss whispered secrets to me in hushed tones as I trained relentlessly day and night without rest or respite until finally...finally! A breakthrough came when my powers surged forth like a raging storm unleashed upon unsuspecting foes who dared challenge me!

My thirst for combat knows no bounds now; every battle fuels my desire for more challenges ahead on this never-ending journey towards greatness where only true warriors dare tread...

And yet despite all this bloodshed around us constantly spilling out onto fields stained red by our struggles against one another there remains hope still burning bright within each soul fighting alongside mine own cause through thick or thin times alike because we are united beneath banner bearing witness unto glory promised those willing take up arms embrace destiny laid bare before them gaze unflinchingly into eyes foe knowing full well what awaits should they falter fail at any given moment chance offered slip away forever lost eternity beckons ever closer drawing nearer each passing second ticking inexorably toward final reckoning drawn near end days fast approaching inevitable conclusion long foretold prophecies fulfilled last stand made defiantly proud unyielding resolve unwavering commitment sworn oath bound tightly together bonds forged steel tempered fire tested time itself will never break apart nor fade away memories linger eternally imprinted hearts minds forevermore whether victory defeat shall claim ultimate prize grandest triumph bittersweet legacy left behind lasting impression carved stone monuments erected honor fallen comrades remembered revered future generations come know tales told heroics courage valor displayed battlefield unto heavens above hear echoes cries triumphal shouts ringing throughout ages gone by spoken tongues ancient new across lands far wide seas vast oceans deep skies endless realms beyond mortal ken understanding reach grasp comprehension eludes grasp slipping fingers fleeting momentary glimpse truth revealed unveiled unravelled mysteries unknown unlocked untold enigma resolved puzzle solved riddle deciphered answer found question answered ask again anew once more repeat cycle endlessly spinning wheel turns circle completes itself whole starts beginning starting ending always forevermore Amen So mote be written sealed signed delivered sent off messenger pigeon flying high soaring free wind sails breeze blowing gently softly whispers whispering caress skin touch feather light kiss lips parting words spoken softly tenderly farewell goodbye adieu au revoir auf wiedersehen sayonara zaijian 再见再見 안녕히 가세요 adeus до свидания hasta luego arrivederci bon voyage safe travels fare thee well met again someday soon next time see eye meet greet smile laughter joy happiness peace tranquility serenity calmness stillness quietude pause reflection contemplation meditation prayer supplication thanksgiving gratitude humble humility modesty grace mercy forgiveness compassion love kindness friendship camaraderie fellowship unity brotherhood sisterhood bond shared common purpose goal dream aspiration ambition strive thrive survive conquer endure prevail rise fall stumble tumble get back feet dust shoulders head held high chin up chest puffed pride swagger walk stride pace confident assured determined focused clear minded sharp wits keen senses alert vigilant watchful wary cautious careful thoughtful considerate mindful attentive observant perceptive intuitive instinctual primal animalistic ferocious wild untamed savage feral beast mode activated engaged ready set go charge attack defend counterstrike parry riposte feint thrust lunge dodge weave bob duck evade strike hit kick punch grapple wrestle throw lock choke submit yield tap surrender vanquish destroy obliterate annihilate decimate eliminate eradicate exterminate cleanse purify sanctify consecrate bless absolve redeem salvation redemption resurrection rebirth revival rejuvenation restoration healing cure remedy antidote panacea tonic elixir potion draught brew concoction formula recipe secret ingredient spice herb seasoning salt pepper sugar honey vinegar oil fat butter cream milk cheese bread flour water wine beer spirits liqueurs whiskey brandy rum gin vodka tequila sake champagne sparkling cider ale stout porter lager pale ale IPA Pilsner Bock Lager Lambic Saison Tripel Quadrupel Dubbel Witbier Kolsch Marzen Rauchbier Schwarzbier Doppelbock Eisbock Helles Kellerbier Zwickel Kraut Kölsch Pale Ale India Brown Amber Red Baltic Porter Wild Fruit Sour Gose Berlinerweisse Flanders Oud Bruin Flemish Old Monastic Trappist Abbey Belgian Strong Dark Light White Blonde Golden Peasant Farmhouse Seasonal Autumn Winter Spring Summer Fall Harvest Biere Garde Burton