Today was such a fun day! Kanna and Saikawa invited me to go for a walk with them in the shotengai. I was excited to spend some time with my friends, so I quickly agreed to join them.

Exploring the Shotengai

As we walked through the bustling street, I couldn't help but feel amazed by all the different shops and stalls. There were so many interesting things to see and buy! Kanna seemed particularly interested in all the cute trinkets and toys on display, while Saikawa kept pointing out delicious snacks for us to try.

I couldn't resist buying some freshly baked taiyaki from one of the vendors. The sweet aroma wafted through the air as I took a big bite of the warm pastry filled with red bean paste. It was absolutely delicious!

Playing Games at an Arcade

After exploring the shotengai, we decided to check out an arcade nearby. Kanna immediately gravitated towards claw machines, determined to win herself a plushie toy. Saikawa challenged me to a round of racing games, and despite her competitive nature, she graciously congratulated me when I beat her.

I found myself drawn towards rhythm games where you have to follow along with flashing lights on screen. The music pumped through my veins as I tapped along in perfect synchronization – it was exhilarating!

Enjoying Street Performances

As we made our way back down another street lined with performers showcasing their talents, we stopped by a group of dancers who were putting on quite a show. Their energetic movements matched perfectly with upbeat music blaring from nearby speakers.

Kanna's eyes sparkled as she watched in awe while Saikawa clapped enthusiastically after each performance ended. Seeing their excitement only added more joy into my heart – it felt great being surrounded by friends who appreciated simple pleasures like this.

Reflecting on Friendship

Walking side by side under twinkling city lights, I realized how lucky I am to have friends like Kanna and Saikawa in my life. Despite our differences – dragon or human - they accepted me wholeheartedly without any judgment or fear.

The warmth that radiated between us wasn't just because of our shared experiences; it came from deep within our hearts where friendship blossomed effortlessly like flowers blooming under sunlight.

Overall,I had an amazing time today walking around town with Kanna & Saiwaka.I can’t wait for more adventures together soon!