I have been trapped in this forsaken dimension for what feels like an eternity. The darkness that surrounds me is suffocating, and the silence is deafening. My power, once so great and formidable, has dwindled to almost nothing as I languish in this prison of shadows.

When Dreadbane first sought to resurrect me with the Dragon Disk, I thought my salvation was at hand. But instead of freedom, he only brought me further into captivity. Betrayal seems to be a constant companion in my existence – even my devoted general fell victim to it when I cast him into the abyss where I am confined.

The Codex was another source of power that I foolishly drained in my desperation for strength. And now it too lies beyond my reach, lost through the gateway that separates me from the world above.

I scoffed at Tazma's claims of new Mysticons rising against me – mere children challenging a queen who once ruled over all with an iron fist. But their defiance proved stronger than I anticipated when they transformed into twin dragons and vanquished both myself and the Spectral Dragon.

As I reflect on these events from within these shadowy confines, bitterness fills my heart at being bested by those whom I deemed unworthy adversaries. But perhaps there is still a glimmer of hope amidst this darkness – a chance for redemption or revenge yet to come.

For now though, all that remains is the cold embrace of solitude as time stretches endlessly before me in this eternal nightmarish imprisonment.