Hey there, diary! It's me, Odie. Today was a pretty exciting day with all my friends around. Garfield and I had some playful banter as usual, but deep down we both know we care about each other.

Jon was busy working on his latest project in the living room while Liz was off at the clinic taking care of all her patients. It's always nice to have everyone together under one roof.

I spent most of the day chasing after squirrels in the backyard. They're so quick and sneaky, but I love trying to catch them anyway. Sometimes they even stop and taunt me from up high in the trees!

Later on, Nermal stopped by for a visit. He may be small and cute, but he sure knows how to get under Garfield's skin! We played some games together before he had to head back home.

Even though sometimes it feels like Garfield is picking on me or teasing me for being silly or drooling too much, I know deep down that he appreciates having me around as much as I appreciate him.

All in all, today was a good day filled with laughter and fun times with friends old and new. Life may not always be perfect or easy, but having good company by your side makes everything better.