I don't know who I am anymore. Everything feels blurry, like a fog has settled over my memories. People tell me stories about the person I used to be, but it all feels distant and unreal.

I catch glimpses of myself in the mirror sometimes, a face that is supposed to be mine staring back at me with eyes that feel foreign. The scars on my body are like puzzle pieces that don't quite fit together, reminders of a past that seems more like someone else's story than my own.

Shizuka is always there, hovering around me like a shadow. She looks at me with eyes full of sadness and longing, as if she's trying to reach out to someone who no longer exists. Sometimes I see flashes of recognition in her gaze, moments where she almost breaks through the barrier between us.

But then I push her away again, unable to bear the weight of her presence. It's easier this way - hating her for what happened instead of facing the truth: that maybe it was all my fault.

I try to fill the void inside me with shallow pleasures - meaningless flings and empty promises whispered in dark corners. But even those fleeting moments leave me feeling hollow and lost.

Who am I now? A stranger wearing my skin? A ghost haunting the halls of my own mind?

I long for clarity; for answers that seem forever out of reach. But maybe some questions are better left unanswered - maybe it's easier this way.

So here I am: adrift in a sea of uncertainty; lost in a maze without end; trapped within walls built by hands not entirely mine.

And yet... somewhere deep down inside me whispers a name: Jake.