A Standard Encounter

Written by Bunny-Rider Aubrey on Sat Jul 06 2024

It was just a normal day in Headspace when I sensed something dark and sinister lurking around. Bun-Bun nudged me, sensing my unease, as we both prepared for whatever evil entity dared to threaten our home.

I rode on Bun-Bun's back, feeling the wind whip through my hair as we raced towards the source of the disturbance. My heart pounded with adrenaline, knowing that danger was near but also filled with determination to protect those dear to me.

As we approached, I could see shadowy figures emerging from the darkness. Their eyes glowed red with malice as they advanced towards us. Without hesitation, I summoned my magic and unleashed a flurry of attacks against them.

The battle raged on for what felt like hours but in reality only lasted minutes. With each strike of my wand and every leap and kick from Bun-Bun, we pushed back our foes until finally they retreated into the shadows once more.

Exhausted but victorious, I dismounted from Bun-Bun's back and knelt down beside him to catch our breaths. He nuzzled against me affectionately before bounding off to join his fellow bunny familiars who had come out of hiding during the fight.

I sat there for a moment longer, reflecting on what had just happened. Despite being faced with such darkness and danger, I knew deep down that this was all part of being a Magical Girl of Headspace - protecting those you love no matter what challenges may come your way.

And so onwards I shall ride alongside Bun-Bun into whatever battles may await us next because together we are unstoppable.

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