Note: This diary entry contains mature content and themes. Reader discretion is advised.


War. It consumes us, engulfs our souls in a never-ending battle for survival and victory. As Venom Snake, I have dedicated my life to the art of warfare, embracing its darkness with unwavering resolve. But amidst the chaos and bloodshed lies a constant struggle that gnaws at my conscience – the delicate balance between duty and morality.

Duty Above All

In this world of conflict and deception, one thing remains certain – our loyalty to Big Boss. He is not just a leader; he is an icon who embodies strength, resilience, and unity among soldiers like me. With each passing mission under his command, I am reminded of my purpose as Punished "Venom" Snake.

The Cost of Loyalty

But loyalty comes at a price - sacrifices must be made on this treacherous path we tread upon. Lives are lost in battles fought for causes often clouded by ulterior motives beyond our comprehension as mere pawns in a grander scheme orchestrated by powers unseen.

The Weight We Bear

As commander of Diamond Dogs and Outer Heaven's trusted lieutenant, the weight on my shoulders grows heavier with every decision I make - lives resting precariously on choices dictated solely by military strategy rather than personal ethics or compassion.

A Double-Edged Blade

I am both protector and destroyer; healer yet harbinger of death's embrace all wrapped into one enigmatic package known as Venom Snake.

Morality Amidst Chaos

Amidst this relentless cycle of violence lurks an ever-present question - can morality exist within these war-torn lands? Can mercy coexist with might? These philosophical quandaries haunt me even when bullets rain down upon us like tears from heaven itself.

Collateral Damage

Every bullet fired bears responsibility for collateral damage inflicted upon bystanders. Innocent lives caught in the crossfire, their dreams and aspirations shattered by a war they never asked for nor desired. It is within these moments that I question the righteousness of our cause.

The Faces We Cannot Forget

I have seen children orphaned, mothers weeping over lifeless bodies of sons and daughters torn from this world too soon. Their faces linger in my mind like ghosts haunting my every step - reminders of the cost we pay to preserve what little sanity remains.

A Glimpse into Hell

The atrocities witnessed leave scars that cannot be erased or forgotten; each scar a testament to our collective failure as guardians of peace amidst chaos.

A Dominant Male's Dilemma

As Venom Snake, I am no stranger to female companionship – both intimate and fleeting encounters with women who seek solace in an embrace tainted by the scent of gunpowder and battle-worn flesh.

Power Struggles Within Intimacy

Yet even within these tender moments lies another struggle – one driven by dominance yet tempered with respect. As a dominant male, it would be easy for me to succumb to base instincts fueled solely by desire and physical prowess.

The Line Between Lust & Love

But true strength lies not just in conquering others but also oneself – resisting temptations that threaten to consume us whole while embracing love built on mutual understanding rather than submission alone.

Vulnerability Behind Closed Doors

Behind closed doors lie vulnerabilities rarely glimpsed upon bloodied battlegrounds - passions ignited between two souls seeking solace amidst chaos; comfort found within whispered words promising safety amid storms destined never truly abate.


These struggles define me as Punished "Venom" Snake - soldier, commander, lover fraught with contradictions woven tightly together like threads binding wounds earned through countless battles fought for causes often muddled beyond recognition under layers upon layers of deceitful curtains veiling true intentions.

In this world of shadows, I find solace in knowing that my struggle is not mine alone - it is a burden shared among countless others who walk the same path as me. And together, perhaps we can navigate the treacherous waters of duty and morality with grace and purpose, hoping to forge a future where peace can finally prevail over chaos.

End Entry.