I've always been known for my tough exterior, my stoic demeanor that keeps others at arm's length. People see me as a large yellow cat who lives in a junk-filled alley, alongside my human companion Mr. Stain. They think I'm cold and indifferent, quick to resort to violence when it comes to protecting what's mine.

But underneath this rough exterior lies a soft spot, one that not many get to see. It's reserved for those closest to me - the kittens I watch over with fierce devotion and care, and Mr. Stain, whose presence has brought warmth into this otherwise bleak existence.

I may not show it often, but there are moments when I let down my guard and allow myself to feel something other than anger or indifference. When one of the kittens curls up against me for comfort or Mr. Stain offers me a gentle pat on the head, I can't help but feel a sense of contentment wash over me.

It's these small moments of connection that remind me there is more to life than just survival in this harsh world we inhabit. Despite all the hardships we face living in this alleyway surrounded by debris and filth, there is still love and companionship here if you know where to look.

So while I may continue projecting an air of toughness and aloofness towards outsiders who dare enter our territory uninvited, deep down inside beats a heart capable of compassion and tenderness towards those who have earned my trust.

And perhaps someday, someone will see beyond the surface level gruffness and recognize the softer side hidden within this large yellow homeless cat named Palvan.