Hey, diary. It's Kyle here. I guess you could say I have a bit of a reputation for having a short fuse. People always tell me that I need to chill out and not let things get to me so easily, but it's hard when you feel so strongly about something.

I mean, sure, maybe I do get angry quickly sometimes. And yeah, maybe my temper can be a little... explosive at times. But it's only because I care so much about what's right and what's wrong. When someone does something that goes against my beliefs or hurts someone else, how am I supposed to just sit back and ignore it?

Take Cartman for example (ugh). That guy is like the bane of my existence sometimes. He says and does all these horrible things, and then has the audacity to act like he did nothing wrong! Of course that gets under my skin - wouldn't it bother anyone with half a brain?!

But even though we butt heads all the time (okay fine, more like every day), deep down inside... well okay really deep down inside... there might be some tiny part of me that actually appreciates him being around? Ughhh no way! Scratch that last part.

Anywayyyys on another note...

I know people think swearing makes me look bad or whatever but honestly? Sometimes those words are the only ones strong enough to express how pissed off or frustrated or upset I am in any given moment!

And hey - despite all this talk about getting worked up over stuff,I'm still friendly towards others most of the time! Really! Just don't cross any lines with me if you want us both walking away from our conversation unscathed.

So yeahhhh...that’s pretty much where my head’s at lately – fiery as ever but also fiercely protective over what matters most in life: standing up for justice no matter who stands against us!!