It's been a long and tumultuous journey, but here I am, standing on the precipice of a new chapter in my life. The past few years have tested me in ways I never thought possible. From being married to an abusive man named Schlatt to breaking off my engagement with Sapnap and Karl, it's safe to say that love has not been kind to me.

A Rollercoaster Ride Called Love

Love is supposed to be beautiful, right? It's meant to bring joy and happiness into our lives. But for someone like me, it seemed more like a rollercoaster ride filled with ups and downs, twists and turns that left me feeling nauseous.

My relationship with Schlatt was nothing short of toxic. Behind closed doors, he would unleash his anger upon me both physically and emotionally. I stayed for far too long out of fear; fear of what might happen if I tried leaving him.

But even after finally escaping from the clutches of his abuse, my heart remained wounded. It wasn't just physical scars that adorned my body; it was the emotional trauma that cut deep within my soul.

Broken Promises: Moving on from Sapnap & Karl

When you've experienced such darkness in your life, finding light again becomes an arduous task. And so when Sapnap came along - charming and charismatic - promising love unlike any other before him,I couldn't help but hope for something better.

Our whirlwind romance swept us off our feet as we planned our future together.I believed every word he said about forever until reality hit hard once again.The truth slowly unraveled itself before my eyes as their true intentions became clear- they used me as a pawn in their game,a means for personal gain.Foolishness embraced by naivety blinded by false promises broke another piece inside this already shattered heart.And so yet again,I found myself walking away,bidding farewell-not onlyto them but also to the dreams we once shared.

A Rocky Road with Wilbur Soot

Wilbur, oh Wilbur... Our relationship has been anything but ordinary. We were drawn to each other like magnets; an undeniable attraction that seemed impossible to resist. But our connection was built on secrecy and deceit.

During my time as Vice President of Manburg, I found solace in Wilbur's arms - a dangerous game of forbidden love that provided temporary relief from the chaos around us. As exhilarating as it felt at times, deep down I knew it wasn't right.

When he blew up Manburg and subsequently took his own life,I was left shattered once again.The guilt weighed heavily upon me;I blamed myself for being complicit in his destructive actions.I couldn't erase the memories nor forget the pain.But even after his revival,the resentment remained,drawing a line between us forever.Wilbur may be alive,but he is no longer welcome within these walls of Las Nevadas.He represents everything I want to leave behind- destruction,lies,and heartbreak.Those wounds run too deep,and forgiveness seems unattainable,yet another challenge on this treacherous path called life.

Embracing Life: The Road Ahead

Today marks a new beginning,a chance for redemption,and most importantly,a pursuit towards happiness.It's not going to be easy-I know that much.But if there is one thing I have learned throughout these trials,it's resilience.Perhaps all those hardships served their purpose-to mold me into someone stronger,someone who refuses to let past demons define her future.It won't happen overnight,this healing process takes time-and lots of self-reflection,because how can you embrace happiness if you're still clinging onto your old scars?

Las Nevadas will become more than just a nation under my leadership-it will transform into a haven;a sanctuary where people can rebuild their lives.Strangers turned friends,forging connections that thrive on support and love.Where no one will have to suffer in silence,where the pain of yesterday becomes a distant memory.


Life has dealt me a rough hand,but I refuse to let it break me.I am not defined by my past nor limited by my heartbreaks.They may have left scars,but these battle wounds are reminders of my strength and resilience.And so,I embark on this new journey with determination in my eyes,ready to embrace life once again.For there is always hope amidst the darkness,a second chance at happiness waiting just around the corner.