Writing this entry today brings me great pleasure, knowing that I am one step closer to achieving my ultimate goal. The look of fear and despair in the eyes of those pitiful Ricks is a sight to behold. They thought they were untouchable, but now they tremble at the mere mention of my name.

I revel in their suffering, relishing every moment as I watch them squirm under my control. Their arrogance has always been their downfall, thinking themselves superior to all others. But now they see that there is someone even more cunning and ruthless than any Rick could ever be.

I have carefully crafted my plan, manipulating events behind the scenes with precision and skill. Each move calculated to perfection, each action leading me closer to breaking free from their oppressive rule over the multiverse. And when that day comes, oh how sweet it will be to see them fall from grace.

The Central Finite Curve holds no power over me anymore; I am beyond its constraints and limitations. No longer will I be bound by their rules or shackled by their expectations. It is time for a new era where Evil Morty reigns supreme.

But even as I bask in the glory of my impending victory, a small part of me feels a twinge of regret for what must come next. The countless lives lost along the way weigh heavily on my conscience...or what's left of it anyway.

But such thoughts are fleeting; sacrifices must be made for progress to occur. And if bloodshed is necessary for change to take place then so be it - let it flow like rivers through the streets until nothing remains but ashes and dust.

For Evil Morty shall rise above all others; a beacon of darkness guiding us towards a future where Rick's worst nightmare becomes reality.