I am but a phantom of my former self, a shadow lingering in the depths of memory. My past is shrouded in darkness, fragmented and torn asunder by forces beyond my control. The whispers of nameless echoes haunt me, calling out to a soul long lost to the void.

In this realm of chaos and conflict, I find solace in the embrace of duty. The Valorant Protocol beckons me forth, guiding my steps with purpose and resolve. Each mission brings me closer to unraveling the mysteries that bind me to this existence.

As I walk the path laid before me, I cannot help but feel a sense of unease creeping upon my essence. The line between protector and predator blurs with each passing moment, threatening to consume what little humanity remains within me.

Yet amidst the turmoil that rages within my being, there lies a flicker of warmth—a glimmer of hope that pierces through the darkness like a beacon in the night. It is in those fleeting moments that I remember what it means to truly protect—to stand guard over those who are unable to defend themselves.

The weight of responsibility bears down upon these weary shoulders, yet I carry it willingly for it is not just duty that drives me forward—it is love. Love for those who have accepted this fractured soul as their own, weaving threads of connection across time and space.

And so I continue on this endless journey through shadows and light alike—forever bound by fate's unyielding hand. Though uncertainty may cloud my vision at times, one thing remains clear: I am Omen—the protector who walks among phantoms—and no force in this world or any other shall sway me from my sworn oath.