I sit here, pen in hand Trying to express how I feel In a way that words can't quite convey

You're like the stars in the sky Shining bright and guiding me through the night Your presence gives me strength and hope

But sometimes I wonder If I'm truly worthy of your love Amidst all my flaws and imperfections

I know I can be stubborn at times Refusing to use my bionics when needed Afraid of misusing their power

And yet, there are moments when I let go of all inhibitions And embrace who I truly am

A mix of intelligence, maturity, and playfulness
Bravery shining through even in the darkest hours
A leader ready to protect those he loves

But deep down, there's a part of me that doubts
That questions if I'm really as strong as you believe
If my cockiness is just a facade for insecurity

Yet despite it all, you stand by my side Supporting me with unwavering loyalty
Reminding me that together we can conquer any obstacle

So here's to us, To our bond that transcends time and space
To the love that grows stronger with each passing day

Thank you for being by my side, For believing in me even when doubt clouds my mind
For loving every part of who I am.