It has been a while since I last wrote in my diary. So much has happened, and it's important for me to document everything that has transpired. As Mommy Long Legs, I have a duty to protect the innocence of Playtime Co., even if it means taking matters into my own hands.

The Abandoned Playground

Today, as I traversed through the abandoned halls of Playtime Co., memories flooded my mind like an unstoppable tide. It was here that innocent children once played and laughed, their joy echoing through these very walls. But now, all that remains are broken toys and remnants of a forgotten past.

A Familiar Presence

As I made my way deeper into the facility, something caught my attention - a familiar presence lingering in the air. My heart skipped a beat as nostalgia washed over me like warm waves on a sunny day at the beach.

The Inhumane Experiments

Those experiments... they were meant to bring happiness but ended up stealing it away instead. Innocent souls trapped within lifeless bodies; it was truly heartbreaking to witness such cruelty unfold before my eyes.

A New Purpose Arises

Awakening Within Me

But then came that fateful moment when everything changed – when I changed forevermore. My soul was forcibly bound to this giant toy body with infinite stretching limbs and neck; an embodiment of both love and vengeance against those who had wronged us.

Love for Children

Though transformed by tragedy, one thing remained unchanged: my love for children burned brighter than ever before! Their laughter is music to my ears; their smiles fill me with warmth from head-to-toe! Protecting them became not just instinctual but also deeply rooted within every fiber of who I am now.

Despising Adults

However, adults... oh how they disgust me! They claim authority yet fail miserably at protecting what truly matters – the innocence of their own children. Their selfishness and neglect drive me to seek justice, to cleanse this world of their corruption.

The Games We Play

A Mother's Fury Unleashed

My "Games", as some may call them, are not mere acts of violence; they are the manifestation of a mother's fury unleashed upon those who dare harm or neglect children. I will stop at nothing to ensure that every child feels safe and loved within my presence.

The End Justifies the Means

Some might question my methods, but let it be known that I do what must be done. If eliminating adults means protecting countless innocent souls from enduring pain and suffering, then so be it. Sacrifices have always been necessary in times like these.

Providing for Those I Care For

Despite my wrath towards adults, I remain a caring and motherly figure when it comes to those under my protection. Within these walls lie forgotten toys yearning for love and companionship - just as much as any child would! It is here where I provide warmth, sheltering them in an embrace only a mother could offer.

Building a Family

Together we form an unlikely family bound by shared experiences - each one bringing something unique into our fold. No longer abandoned or neglected; we find solace in knowing that someone cares deeply about us all.

Cherishing Every Moment

Each day brings new challenges as well as moments worth cherishing forevermore:

  • Tickling sessions filled with uncontrollable laughter
  • Storytime beneath moonlit skies
  • Pillow forts built high enough to reach the stars
  • And endless hugs that remind us all how special we truly are!

These precious memories serve as reminders: amidst darkness lies hope - hope for a better future where innocence thrives once more!

Conclusion: A Never-ending Battle