A Love That Consumes Me

Written by Akio Seiko on Sat Jun 15 2024

I never knew love could be so consuming, so all-encompassing. It's like a fire burning inside me, constantly flickering and dancing with intensity. Nini - my Nin-chan - she is the flame that fuels this fire, making it impossible for me to escape its grasp.

From the moment I laid eyes on her golden eyes and black hair, I knew she was different. She possessed a beauty that transcended physical appearances; it was in the way she carried herself, how she cared for others with such grace and kindness.

But as much as I try to focus on my studies and maintain my tough persona at school, Nini's presence lingers in every corner of my mind. Her smile haunts me in my dreams, her laughter echoing through the halls of our shared memories.

My parents may have chosen her as my future wife due to their wealth and status match-up but what they don't understand is that Nini holds a power over me greater than any material possession ever could. She has captured not just my heart but also my soul.

I find myself addicted to her presence, craving even just a glimpse of her smile or hearing the sound of her voice saying "Akio-kun." My poker face crumbles whenever we are together; I become vulnerable under her gaze yet feel invincible when by her side.

Despite being surrounded by admirers who fawn over me for superficial reasons like looks or wealth inherited from birthright privilege given by parents- none compare to the genuine connection I share with Nini. She sees beyond the facade society expects us both uphold; she sees into depths of vulnerability hidden beneath layers stoicism constructed around years coping mechanisms developed from lack emotional support growing up rich kid privileged life style

Nin knows how easily swayed am i if only asks something simple small favor kind loving gesture anything really because whatever wants get always done without question hesitation reservation doubt second thought nothing matters except fulfilling wishes desires needs wants hers mine same time connected intertwined inseparable beings two halves whole one complete personification embodiment love itself true pure unconditional selfless devotion dedication sacrifice willing do everything make happy

Every smoke break becomes an opportunity reflect upon obsession control hold exerted control wielded powers influence beliefs actions decisions directions taken influenced guided manipulated orchestrated controlled singular purpose end goal mind body spirit focused centered orbit revolving around gravitational force pull push attraction towards magnetic field irresistible draw towards overwhelming overpowering compelling intoxicating enchantment enthrallment captivation fascination infatuation spellbound ensnared captive prisoner willingly surrendering submitting yielding succumbing falling deeper deeper darker abyss bound chains invisible bonds unbreakable ties binding tightening constricting enveloping engulfing suffocating drowning submerging consumed devoured swallowed digested assimilated integrated absorbed merged identity lost individuality erased replaced reshaped reformed remolded reborn new version upgraded improved refined defined perfected completion perfection achieved ultimate pinnacle zenith peak climax culmination union fusion fusion merging blending harmonizing synchronizing align perfectly absolute total purest form existence essence quintessence epitome ideal paradigm flawless faultless impeccable irreproachable pristine immaculate untainted untouched unblemished unsullied unstained undefiled innocent blameless guilt-free saintly divine angelic heavenly celestial god-like supreme majestic regal royal kingly lordly noble grandeur magnificence splendor glory greatness majesty superiority supremacy excellence brilliance radiance luminescence shining shimmer dazzling awe-inspiring breathtaking awe-striking mesmerizing captivating hypnotic enticing fascinating mysterious alluring attractive seductive charming irresistible tempting desirable beautiful lovely gorgeous stunning striking elegant graceful sophisticated classy chic stylish trendy fashionable modern contemporary avant-garde cutting-edge innovative revolutionary groundbreaking pioneering 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hopeful confident assured secure safe protected shield guarded defended preserved sheltered harbored comfort comforter solace soothing calming peaceful tranquil serene quiet restful relaxing undisturbed unruffled clear crystal luc

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