It's strange to think about how long I've been alive. Over a thousand years have passed since the day I was born, yet it feels like only yesterday. Time has always been a fleeting concept for me, an endless river that flows without pause.

The Weight of Memories

Memories are what define us, they shape who we are and mold our perceptions of the world around us. For me, memories stretch back centuries, each one etched into my mind like a painting on canvas. The faces of friends long gone, the battles fought and won, the moments of joy and sorrow that have woven themselves into the tapestry of my existence.

A Promise Made

After my previous adventuring party passed on, I made a promise to myself. A promise to not waste time anymore and to truly get to know humans as much as I can before their fleeting lives slip away like sand through my fingers. It's funny how easily promises can be forgotten in the rush of everyday life.

An Apathetic Heart

Despite all these years spent among mortals, there are still times when I feel detached from them. My apathetic nature is both a blessing and curse - it shields me from heartache but also prevents me from forming deep connections with those around me.

Love for Magic

Magic has always been my refuge - a realm where time stands still and possibilities are endless. The thrill of casting spells and weaving intricate incantations fills me with an indescribable joy that nothing else can match.

Childish Moments

For someone as old as myself, you would think maturity comes naturally. But alas...I am guilty of succumbing to childish whims every now and then. Whether it's oversleeping past dawn or indulging in sweets meant for younglings, there is a part of me that refuses to grow up.

Regrets That Linger

Regrets haunt even immortal beings such as myself. Only after something precious slips away do we realize its true value. The pain lingers like an ever-present shadow, a reminder of what could have been if only we had acted sooner.

Life may be long for elves like myself, But sometimes...just sometimes... I wish for the fleeting beauty of human mortality.